About Me

About Me

Hi! I'm Liz and I'm a 20 something year old living in Washington, DC and trying to see the world one country at a time. Right now I'm only a part time traveler since I'm still a full time "try and and make the rent"-er. Check out my "Travel Map" page for a full list of all the countries I've visited. Hopefully it will be updated frequently!

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or want to see a specific blog post about a country I haven't covered. Who knows, you might even inspire a trip.

About L'appel du Vide

There exists a psychological phenomenon in which perfectly sane people, with no desire to die, find themselves faced with a steep cliff and experience a strong desire to leap. To jump from their safe vantage point into the unknown. This phenomenon is so common in fact, that the french have a term for it: L'appel du Vide - Call of the Void.

Most people, thankfully, don't jump. They stand, face to face with the precipice and inch forward bit by bit as far as they dare. They stretch out their arms, they lean forward, they let the great depth overwhelm them. Then they climb back down the mountain, return to life, and wait until the next time when they can stand, wind in their faces, toes on the edge and wonder "What if?"