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The Murky Waters of Cultural Tourism: Visiting Kompong Phluk Floating Village

House boat near Siem Reap

When I went to Siem Reap to visit the famous Angkor Wat temples, I booked a guide for my two days at the temples. However, I had no plans for the afternoon before and when I arrived, my Hostel recommend an excursion to see the nearby Floating Village of Kompong Phluk. Thinking of my visit to the Floating Markets in Thailand I agreed – I assumed it would be touristy but fun.   Cultural Tourism can sometimes walk a fine line between the careful study of another country and a total invasion of privacy. If you were at home, eating your dinner, walking your dog, doing your … Read More

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Landmines, The Never Ending War

Landmine Musuem in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Cambodian Landmine Problem Cambodia is home to the largest number of amputees in the world. It’s impossible to visit the country without seeing amputees – a situation which is only compounded by the lack of availability of prosthetics. Most people are forced to do with ill fitting or homemade devices, or they simply go without. Although I had seen many of these amputees in the entrances to the Angkor temples, it wasn’t until my visit to the Cambodia Land Mine Museum, near Siem Reap, that I fully understood the reasons and implications. Most if not all of these amputees were victims … Read More

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Dr. Fish Spa


Dinner Time! Siem Reap, the town outside of the Angkor Wat complex, is full of fun things to do and see while you rest up from a busy day at the temples. Shopping, night life, outdoor movie theaters and spas literally cover ever street. When I was there in Summer 2011, the ‘Dr. Fish’ Spa was all the rage. I’m not sure if ‘Dr. Fish’ is the original company or what – but from what I saw they all had the same name. Free beer with Fish Pedicure Most of the places had the same drill. Pay a few dollars and get … Read More

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