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Changing things up in China


  When we applied for our China Visa, we could only get one valid for 30 days. That meant we had only a month to see one of the biggest countries in the world. Seriously not enough time. There were so many things we wanted to see and do and it was next to impossible to squeeze it all in – especially considering we wanted to spend a week in Tibet. That meant we had less than three weeks to see the rest of the country. Our orginal plan was to start in Beijing for four days. Then we would … Read More

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Selling my stuff – Adventures in Craigslist


It’s here! It’s that time: It’s the final countdown. Just five more days before I depart on my round the world trip! It’s so crazy how this whole time I’ve been planning the trip seemed so far away. Shannon and I would be out to drinks talking about how much shampoo we should bring or how we should get to the airport and feel silly for planning so far in advance. Now, all of the sudden its almost upon us and none of these decisions have been made. Luckily I have made some progress in the past week with my … Read More

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Visas: For Everywhere You Want to Be – Part 1 Russia


If you have been following me on facebook you know how much fun I have had in obtaining all the various visas required for my upcoming trip. (Read: not) In my experience there are three basic “visa situations” when visiting a country: The type where no visa is required for entrance The type where a visa is required but it can be purchased for a $20-$30 fee at the airport The type where a visa is required and it will require massive amounts of pain and energy to procure said visa (Note: Please keep in mind that the same country … Read More

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Shots Shots Shots Shots Everybody!


As you might have seen on my to-do list, one of the items I needed to cross off was getting all the immunizations and medications that I would need on my trip. Based on a recommendation from another Travel Blog, I headed to Capitol Travel Medicine in Arlington, VA. I was able to make an appointment for a consultation during which time they would review my shot record, recommend immunizations and medications and educate me on any potential health risks that I might not realize. Travel Vaccinations can be one of the largest hidden cots of a trip. When I … Read More

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Choosing Electronics for My RTW Trip

Aaron Jacobs, Flickr Creative Commons)

Whenever I travel, packing is always an issue – especially with a trip this size. As I mentioned on my RTW to-do list, one of the issues I’m been struggling with is choosing which electronics to bring with me for my RTW trip. There are so many new and helpful gadgets out there – the trouble is figuring out which ones will be helpful and which one are just going to be a burden (literally). The Contenders: Digital Camera -I already own a digital camera, but its not that great since I bought it second hand in Cambodia after I … Read More

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The Bird Meets World RTW To-Do List


I’m in the final trip countdown. Less than a month until Shannon and I set off to Russia. However, despite all of this I still have a ton to do. And now, that I’ve gone public with my trip I can share my ever growing to do list.  Get Visas: China Russia India Despite all my complaining about the Russia Visa process, we actually already got our Russian Visas. So score one for the good guys (us- if that wasn’t obvious). My passport is currently at the Chinese Embassy awaiting a China Visa. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed. I’ll be sharing … Read More

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My RTW Itinerary


Yesterday, I gave you all the details of the who, what ,when, and where of the “Bird Meets World” tour. Okay…maybe not ALL the details. I revealed pretty much nothing about my trip Itinerary. Well, no worries – today I’m spilling all the beans. (Well the beans that I know about). A word about planning In the world of travel there are many philosophies on trip planning. Some argue that all you need is a one way plane ticket and a passport. Others claim that each day should be meticulously scheduled. However, for the most part, people seem to lean … Read More

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