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Adventure on the high (elevation) seas

Woman on the Floating Islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca

Woman on one of the Uros Islands There isn’t really  much to see in the city of Puno, Peru. Most tourists stay there overnight so that they can explore the many islands on Lake Titicaca, the lake the town sits on.  Lake Titicaca which is between Peru and Bolivia is the lake with the highest elevation in the world. In fact many people get what is known as elevation sickness while visiting this part of Peru. Coco Tea To ward this off, many people drink Coco Tea which is made from the same leaves as the plant where cocaine comes … Read More

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Overnight to Puno

The trip to Puno was our first experience on the infamous Night Buses. Because the bus was overnight, we sprung for one of the nicer, more expensive companies. The bust left from a centeral bus station and we were able to get three seats near each other.  As I mentioned, we were told not to put anything under the bus because it was common for things to get stolen. We all had around the neck, under the shirt puches where we stored our passports and money. Since we had brought sleeping bags specifcally to stay warm on the bus, I … Read More

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