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Photo fo the Day: Plaza de Armas, Lima, Peru

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Reader Question – Going to Peru? Issues and Concerns

Llamas in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru

I’m fascinated by your trip to Peru. I’ve traveled a lot but always been hesitant about South America. Did you have any problems/issues/OMG I’m never coming back moments?                                                                                         – Rob P. , Rocky Mountains, USAHey Rob -Thanks for your question! Personally I loved Peru- probably one of my favorite trips. Its a wonderful country with tons to see and do. Overall, it also felt very safe, but that probably depends on your comfort level and where you are visiting. I mainly took overnight buses to get around and stayed in hostels on the nights I wasn’t traveling. (You can … Read More

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Sand Boarding in Ica, Peru

Dunes for Sandboarding in Ica, Peru

The Haucachina Oasis After a week in Peru, exploring Machu Pichu, Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, it was time to return to Lima to catch our flight back to the US. We had to take an overnight bus from Arequipa, but decided to make one last stop along the way. We had heard of several interesting places including the famous Nazca Lines but what really caught our interest was the chance to sand board in Ica on the sand dunes surrounding the Huacachina Oasis. Before we boarded our bus, it was really easy to book a tour in Arequipa for a tour the … Read More

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Peru 715

Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas with El Misti in the background Arequipa in southern Peru is called the White City because of the white stone much of the buildings are made of a white volcanic stone common to the area. Our time in Arequipa was sunny and somewhere warm and I really enjoyed seeing the city. It reminded me of  a city in Europe. We arrived in early afternoon with just enough time to visit two of the cities most famous attractions: the Monastery of Santa Catalina  and Juanita the frozen mummy. Juanita is a very famous well preserved … Read More

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Starship Troopers and Snake Oil Salesmen

I mentioned earlier that our number one mode of transportation on our Peru trip was bus but this seems like a good time to elaborate on our strategy before I get into the most harrowing bus adventure of my life. We had originally bought round trip plane tickets from Lima to Cusco in back, with the intention of splitting our time between the two cities. However, after realizing there wasn’t much to do in Lima, and reading about how cool the rest of southern Peru was, we decided to forfeit half of the round trip ticket and instead take buses … Read More

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Adventure on the high (elevation) seas

Woman on the Floating Islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca

Woman on one of the Uros Islands There isn’t really  much to see in the city of Puno, Peru. Most tourists stay there overnight so that they can explore the many islands on Lake Titicaca, the lake the town sits on.  Lake Titicaca which is between Peru and Bolivia is the lake with the highest elevation in the world. In fact many people get what is known as elevation sickness while visiting this part of Peru. Coco Tea To ward this off, many people drink Coco Tea which is made from the same leaves as the plant where cocaine comes … Read More

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Overnight to Puno

The trip to Puno was our first experience on the infamous Night Buses. Because the bus was overnight, we sprung for one of the nicer, more expensive companies. The bust left from a centeral bus station and we were able to get three seats near each other.  As I mentioned, we were told not to put anything under the bus because it was common for things to get stolen. We all had around the neck, under the shirt puches where we stored our passports and money. Since we had brought sleeping bags specifcally to stay warm on the bus, I … Read More

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Cusco and the Surrounding Ruins

Peru 304

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas After our morning at MP, we picked up our stuff from the hostel, took our train back and then took a split cab (with two Australian dudes) to Cusco. Cusco is a UNESCO world heritage site and was the ancient capital of the Inca civilization – so I was pretty excited to see it. That night, we didn’t get in until dark with just enough time to locate our hostel and eat some dinner in the town square. The next morning, AF flew in to join us and we spent the day exploring Cusco. In peru, you … Read More

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Machu Pichu in 10 easy steps – Part 2

View of Machu Pichu near Cusco Peru

Dogs chilling at the train stop We had now successfully made it to our trains point of departure. Our next step was to depart Ollentybaro for the small town near Machu Pichu. Step 6) Train to Aguas CalientesWe had some time to kill before our train departed. Luckily we had some dogs and some off brand chips to keep us company. Eventually the train pulled up and it was chaos trying to figure out where to sit. Eventually we located our car and took our seats. For the record their our several classes on this train to Aguas Calientes: I … Read More

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Journey to the top – Part 1

Machu Pichu near Cusco, Peru

   I’m going to be honest, I think the reason I wanted to go to Peru to begin with was to see Machu Pichu.  So of course we decided to do it first thing… well sort of. Getting to Machu Pichu has got to be the most difficult thing in the entire world. One just doesn’t hope off the plane in Peru and head up the mountain. No, its like a freakin adventure quest. Not to sound like a huge nerd, but it reminded me of the Zelda 64 game I played when I was younger where…okay stopping before the … Read More

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