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Packing for my 5 month trip


As you are reading this, Shannon and I are starting the first day of our RTW trip in St. Petersburg. It’s been a crazy couple of days – moving out of our apartment, packing for our trip, finishing our last days of work and saying goodbye to family and friends. If you had asked me a few months ago which of these things would have been the least difficult, I would have hands down said “packing for the trip.” How many trips have I packed for? How many times have a waiting until the midnight hours before, thrown a few … Read More

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Choosing Electronics for My RTW Trip

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Whenever I travel, packing is always an issue – especially with a trip this size. As I mentioned on my RTW to-do list, one of the issues I’m been struggling with is choosing which electronics to bring with me for my RTW trip. There are so many new and helpful gadgets out there – the trouble is figuring out which ones will be helpful and which one are just going to be a burden (literally). The Contenders: Digital Camera -I already own a digital camera, but its not that great since I bought it second hand in Cambodia after I … Read More

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The Art of Packing

Packing is an art form that I haven’t really mastered… I think for most people its a lifelong struggle between underpacking and overpacking. There are always a few things that I wish I had brought and many thing I wish had stayed at home. The best packing advice I ever got was from my dad. He told me that before each trip I should think of the essentials that must be brought for the trip to be a success and pack those first. Everything else you can live without or buy if necessary. So for most trips it will be … Read More

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