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Life in the Ger


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve heard a little about our stay with the local nomads of Mongolia: How I ended up pantless and how we entertained ourselves on the long rainy nights. But I haven’t really talked about life in the Ger. What is a Ger? A ger is a round tent that can be easily packed up and moved as the family moves locations with the seasons. It has a stove in the middle of the Ger for cooking and warmth and a matching round hole in the top to let out smoke. The floor is either … Read More

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Fun with Ankle Bones


As part of our stay in Mongolia, we spent 6 days/5 nights staying with Nomadic Families in Western Mongolia. We had no guide and no organized tour. We simply worked with a company that arranged it with the families, then we took an 8 hour local bus to a small western town where we were picked up by the first family. They spoke no English and our only means on communication, besides hand signals, was a short list of Mongolian phrases we had brought with us. Needless to say, we had a great time. We stayed in their extra Gers … Read More

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Trans-Mongolian-Part II. The Fruit Mafia


Right before departing from Moscow, we found out the the trains are numbered a certain way. The lower the train number, the better the train. Our first train was #2. It looked like this: As I mentioned, it was delightful. It was warm and comfortable and we even had an outlet in our compartment. After a few day’s by Lake Baikal it was time to head out for train number two. Right before our trip we checked the train number. It was 362. Crap. Let’s just say it was …. different. Gone was the outlet. Gone was the comfortable beds. … Read More

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Gers Gone Wild – How I Ended Up Pantless in Mongolia


After our second portion of the Trans-Mongolian, we stopped in Mongolia for 9 days. We planned to spend some time exploring the capital city, but we really wanted a chance to head to the countryside to spend time with the nomadic people and experience staying in a typical mongolian house- known as a “ger” We signed up for a program that would give us six days in Western Mongolia – staying as guests with different Mongolian families each night. During the day we would commute the 15-20 km between families either by horse or ox cart. However, after our first … Read More

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Update: I’m still alive

Hello from China. Yes, despite my huge lack of updates, I am still alive. As it turns out, locating time and reliable internet on this trip has been more difficult than expected. Internet isn’t so bad – but free time is impossible. Hopefully I will have a chance to update everyone soon with everything we have been doing. Especially since now that I am in China I don’t have acess to facebook! After arriving in Lake Baikal we spent a few days hanging out before heading to Mongolian. Since we arrived in Mongolia, we spent 6 days in the Mongolian … Read More

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