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The Art of Navigation in the Souk’s of Marrakesh

Morocco_2010 1202

Marrakesh is a wonderful, busy, crazy city. At that point in my life, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Eager to absorb everything the city has to offer, we immediately set off into the souk filled city upon our arrival. I for some reason think I have an amazing sense of direction, so I felt confident that I could navigate our way through the city using the tiny squiggly map in the back of our guide book.  Needless to say, I got us totally and completely lost only moments after leaving the Djemaa el Fina. After leaving … Read More

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Today’s Photo: A Stop Sign in Marrakesh, Morocco

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Riads of Morocco

Riad in Morocco

Riad in Essaouira Usually where I stay is the least exciting aspect of traveling, I aim for the cheapest possible spot in the best possible location. But, in Morocco, I had heard that the Riads where the place to be – so true. These small guest houses usually have around 10 rooms centered around a common courtyard which is either covered or uncovered. Our first Riad was in Essaouira and was wonderful. It was run by a funny wall eyed woman named Fatima who might not have been 100% with it, but made a great effort to act out everything … Read More

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Djemaa el Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco


 Kebobs for sale The Djemaa El Fina in Marrakesh, Morocco, a large busy square near the souks, serves as a the central meeting place of the city. The square is full of people, food vendors, street performers, henna artists and animals. As the day progresses, the moveable stalls change to make way for different types of food and performers. But of course, for me, the main attraction was the food.  Dates for sale In the afternoon, the square is full of stalls selling nuts, dates, and figs. After walking around we determined that most of the stalls were … Read More

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