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Our Russia Itinerary

If you read this blog, you know by now that I am in Russia! And although I’ve given you an overview of my entire trip itinerary, I haven’t broken down my Russia plans for you yet. So here it is! We are actually flying into Moscow and then immediately flying to St. Petersburg. Obviously, this isn’t ideal and we would have liked to fly strait to St. Petersburg, but since we used miles to purchase our tickets, this was the only option. Our tickets to Moscow were $48 and our onward tickets to St. Petersburg were $110. Once we arrive … Read More

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My RTW Itinerary


Yesterday, I gave you all the details of the who, what ,when, and where of the “Bird Meets World” tour. Okay…maybe not ALL the details. I revealed pretty much nothing about my trip Itinerary. Well, no worries – today I’m spilling all the beans. (Well the beans that I know about). A word about planning In the world of travel there are many philosophies on trip planning. Some argue that all you need is a one way plane ticket and a passport. Others claim that each day should be meticulously scheduled. However, for the most part, people seem to lean … Read More

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