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Guest Post: Visiting the Western Wall

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Today I’m Guest Posting about visiting the Western Wall in Israel over at yTravel Blog. You can check the post out here!

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Dinner at the Yemonite Food Bar

Ronan's food bar in Safeed, Israel

Safeed is an historic town in Northern Israel known for its orthodox religious tradition.  Narrow windy streets filled with men in traditional hasidic clothing. Men in the city of Safeed It felt like a very serious place. We walked through quiet synagogues and shopped at religious themed stores. Although there was no doubt a certain level of mysticism to the place, we felt a little let down. We were ready to head back to our hotel, the Safeed Inn. That is until we met Ronan. Ronan cooking dinner at the Yemonite Food Bar Ronan owns the Yemonite Food Bar located … Read More

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Visiting the Dead Sea

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Dead Sea from afar About ten seconds after we decided we were going to go to Israel, I started getting excited about visiting the Dead Sea. I knew almost nothing about it except that nothing lived in it and that you could float really easily, but I had been wanting to visit forever. (Embarrassing Confession: When my knowledge of geography was a lot weaker, I had an awkward moment in Istanbul where I confused the Black Sea with the Dead Sea…I was hugely disappointed when I realized how different they were..) So basically, my idea of the dead sea was … Read More

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Conquering Masada

The fortress atop Masada in Israel near the Dead Sea

After crossing over the border from Jordan and driving through the Southern Negav area of Israel, our first overnight stop was near the historic Masada.  Masada is an old Israeli fortress located at the top of a small mountain near the dead sea. It’s very well known as part of Jewish History and has become a popular stop of Birthright and other tourist groups. Part of the experience of Masada is hiking up before sunrise so that you can see the sun rise over the dead sea from the mountain top. Despite this, there is really only one convenient place to … Read More

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Oh Little Town of Bethlehem: Photos of the Palestine Wall

Photo of the Wall in Bethlehem dividing Palestine and Israel

Barbed Wire Fence in front of the wal During our stay in Jerusalem, we took a day trip to the West Bank to visit the cities of Bethlehem and Hebron. Although I had been really looking forward to Hebron, the most moving part of the day ended up being the city of Bethlehem – home to the wall between Palestine and Israel. The wall separates the Palestine territory from the rest of Israel. It looms almost twice as large as the infamous Berlin wall which once separated East Germany and West Germany. But, much like the Berlin Wall, the concrete barrer in Bethlehem has … Read More

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Sabbath in the City – Friday in Jerusalem

Temple on the Mount in Israel

We were sitting cross legged on the ground of a stone walkway overlooking the Western Wall plaza. Each of us had brought a large bottle of water that we sipped on frequently as we tried to squeeze ourselves into the little shade offered by the wall we leaned against. It was still daylight, an hour before the setting sun would indicate the start of the Sabbath, but the crowds were already assembling below. To our left, the golden dome of the Temple on the Mount shined with the last rays of the setting sun. We had only planned on staying in Jerusalem for three nights before heading to … Read More

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My Encounter with the Israeli Military

Israel and Jordan Border near the Red Sea

Israel/Jordan Border near the Red Sea Traveling overseas is always somewhat of a calculated risk. You are purposely placing yourself outside of your comfort zone (which sometimes is half the fun) and sometimes things go wrong. All the sudden you are faced with a problem that would be manageable at home, but in these new surroundings you know no one, you don’t know the laws, you don’t know the language and you are still recovering from the side effects of whatever the heck you ate from that street vendor who you knew looked sketchy but you threw caution to the … Read More

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