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Guest Blogger: Inspired. And Full of Booz: A Summer of Cooking in Europe


This is guest post by Tom Madrecki based on his experience interning at Noma and Le Chateaubriand. I was asked to write a post about the four months I spent last year cooking across Europe, in two of the world’s top 10 restaurants – Noma in Copenhagen and Le Chateaubriand in Paris. This isn’t (exactly) that post. For one, tragic as it is, the result of cooking in Europe isn’t what you might think. It is hardly a ticket to extensive travel and sightseeing, or to day-tripping across the French and Danish landscape in pursuit of long forgotten castles and … Read More

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Relics of the Bosnian War

Relics of the Bosnian War in Sarajevo

Our hostel  owner in Sarajevo was a survivor of  the Bosnian war in the 90s and he offered a daily tour of the sites that helped tell the story of his experience.  We had arrived at the hostel at around noon after an overnight flight from the states so our group was exhausted.  On a whim we asked him if he could recommend anything for us to do that afternoon and he offered to take us – it ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of the trip.  (PS. If you are wondering, the name of the hostel is … Read More

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Turning on the Red Light

Closed Curtains in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

In the 1600s Amsterdam was one of the richest cities in the entire world. Home of the Dutch East India Company, the city’s ports saw thousands upon thousands sailors come and go as spices were brought from the Far East. These sailors, fresh off of months at sea, were eager to take advantage of the pleasures of land and soon dozens of brothels popped up on the streets near the harbor. Over time, as the world changed and the spice trade became less profitable, Amsterdam’s prosperity declined. With the drop and trading, the sailors no longer visited the city on … Read More

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Today’s Photo: Athens, Greece


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4 Quirky Amsterdam Facts

The I Amsterdam sign near the Rikes in Amsterdam

  Amsterdam may be one of the most well know cities in Western Europe. Before I went there in September 2011, I thought I had it all figured out: Cheese, Coffee Houses, Dutch Masters, Anne Frank and Windmills. During my week in the city, I was surprised to learn how much more interesting Amsterdam was than I had imagined. Every street seemed to hold a new piece of interesting trivia that made the city tick – these are some of my favorites: 1. Crooked Teeth Houses Line the CanalsAs you walk around the canals of Amsterdam, you can’t help but … Read More

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Why would you visit Bosnia?

A Sarajevo Rose in Bosnia

  A “Sarajevo Rose” in Sarajevo, Bosnia It’s amazing how often I got that question when I told people our plan to visit the former Yugoslavia, and honestly its not hard to understand why people ask. For much of the early 90′s, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the countries surrounding it, were eclipsed by war. Although Tito had held the many ethnic and cultural groups together during his time, after his death multiple factors contributed to divisions within the area. First, Slovenia declared (and won) its independence, shortly followed by the adjacent areas. Unfortunately, unlike the Slovenian independence, the other revolutions … Read More

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Misadventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Highland Villages:The Drive from Sarajevo to Mostar


Before I get into what this post is about, let me set the stage a little for you. Me and my three friends were at the start of a two week trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. We had spent the last two days in Sarajevo and we were planning to rent a car and drive south to Mostar. We weren’t exactly super prepared – we had booked a rental car with a GPS, but we didn’t have any map to speak of and we had only one guide book. (There is actually only one English Guide book to … Read More

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Photo of the Day – Hungarian Parliament

Snowy day in Budapest
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Istanbul: Food, Drink and Narleigh

The Mosque at twilight near the water in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Mosque at twilight Although Istanbul is full of famous historic sites, its also a really fun city to just hang out in. During my visit there in November 2009, we had a great time eating, drinking and smoking the traditional Turkish water pipe: Narleigh. Although we ate out almost every meal we were there, we quickly found that the best food was the street food.  Our favorite were this (lamb?) meatball sandwiches being sold by men in carts near the river on the way to Ortakoy.     The men had fresh vegetables, spices and meat which they would … Read More

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Prague: My Day of No

The Charles Bridge in Prague on a Snowy Day

Charles Bridge in Prague I have been incredibly lucky in my travels – I’ve had amazing experiences and (with a few exceptions) rarely does anything go wrong. I love filling my trips with fun, quirky and interesting activities that allow me squeeze every last drop out of the experience. To make the most of my time I try to plan ahead and research the must dos of each city. My trip to Prague was no exception. My friend and I had planned two very full days to see the city, taste the beer, attend the opera and experience this gem … Read More

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