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Our Dinner Date Disaster in Essaouira

Olives for sale in a market in Essaouira

After a full day in Essaouira, it was time to shower up and head out to meet our dinner date. Where, you might ask did the three of us find a dinner date during our one day in Morocco. Well, it started out well enough: During our day at the Market, we met a Moroccan vendor who was about our age. He was very friendly and invited us to join him for tea in the back of his stall. We had read that this was traditional in Morocco and since we were still visible from the street we figured there was no … Read More

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Adventures in Essaouira

Blue Boats in Essaouira, Morocco

Fishing Boats in Essaouira harbor Our Ryanair flight from Madrid landed in early in Marrakesh, but we immediately got a ride to the coastal city of Essaouira. We had arranged for a taxi pick up in advance. (It cost about 50 euros split between the 3 of us, which was ideal since we couldn’t use the Marrakesh to Essaouira but because we were coming from the Airport and not the city center. For the ride back it was easy to locate the bus and buy one way tickets.) The ride in the cab was about two hours, and after two strait days of travel we were happy to get … Read More

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