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Our Great Wall ‘Adventure’


  If you go to China, you go to the Great Wall. Its famous, its epic, its beautiful, you can see it from space (not really), etc. etc. etc. Very few sites in the world rival the great wall – the Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Machu Pichu. I had long been dreaming of my own trip to the great wall and I wanted to make sure that the experience was very special. I dreaded the thought of a crowded bus dropping me off for a few hours at a chaotic section of the wall. When I heard about the Great Wall … Read More

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Thoughts on China


  Before I went to Beijing I had heard nothing but bad things about China. It’s dirty. It’s crowded. It’s impossible to get around. People told me they hated it and never ever wanted to return. So far I’ve only been here a week and spent the majority of it in Beijing and to be honest – I’ve loved it. Maybe it’s because we had such a rough start in Russia, we were used to not being able to get around. Maybe its because we left the frigid cold of Mongolia and were greeted by sunny skies and warm weather … Read More

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Update: I’m still alive

Hello from China. Yes, despite my huge lack of updates, I am still alive. As it turns out, locating time and reliable internet on this trip has been more difficult than expected. Internet isn’t so bad – but free time is impossible. Hopefully I will have a chance to update everyone soon with everything we have been doing. Especially since now that I am in China I don’t have acess to facebook! After arriving in Lake Baikal we spent a few days hanging out before heading to Mongolian. Since we arrived in Mongolia, we spent 6 days in the Mongolian … Read More

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Tibet or not Tibet…that is the question


If you spent any time taking a gander at my RTW Itinerary, you know that our plan included a one week trip to Tibet after our time in China before we head to Nepal for our hike up to Everest Base Camp. Isn’t there some saying like “want to hear god laugh, tell him your plans?” Tibet was like one long illustrated version of that saying. Except, to make it slightly more relevant it was more like “Want to make the Dalai Lama laugh? Tell him your plans to visit Tibet.” Can I just go ahead and apologize ahead of time … Read More

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Review of China Tours


Recently, I was asked to review ChinaTours.com, a travel agency specializing in tours of China and the surrounding area. The company offers a wider variety of tour options including private and group tours of various lengths and prices. They also offer “extension” tours which can take you to nearby countries after your trip through China. The webs site itself is very easy to use. It’s well laid out, written in clear language and informative. It’s very easy to find the tours that are offered for each category: Private, custom, Join – etc. Each tour has it’s own page with detailed … Read More

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