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Two Months of Travel


As of Oct 20, Shannon and I had been traveling for two months. You may remember my summary of my first month of travel, so I wanted to come back and recap our second month backpacking through Asia. We spent most of the month exploring the rest of China. After Tibet closed to foreigners, our China plans changed and we ended up having more time to explore the rest of central and southern China. After exploring Shanghai, we headed off to hike the fabled Huang Shan mountain complete with cloud shrouded peaks and amazing views. Afterwards, we hopped a flight … Read More

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Yanghous’s Mud Cave


Yanghshou is full of amazing and famous Karst Landscapes that will literally make you pinch yourself with wonder. Trust me – google it – it’s amazing. That’s not what this post is about, because Yangshou is also home to a super fun and cheesy attraction known as the Mud Cave. What is the mud cave? I’m glad you asked. The mud cave is basically what was once a really beautiful, natural cave that has been completely adulterated for the purpose of tourism. I was really outraged about this for about a hot second until I found out that they had installed … Read More

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Hiking the Tiger Leap Gorge


You might want to dust off your bucket list and whip out a pencil, because it’s time to add another entry: Hiking through Tiger Leap Gorge. The two day, one night hike was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to China, and the funny thing is – if it weren’t for the fact that Tibet was closed and we had to change our plans, we would never have gone. So how can you make this happen – don’t worry I’m here to tell you. The jumping off point for the Tiger Leap Gorge is a city called Lijiang. It’s … Read More

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Beijing Highlights


After changing our plans in China, we ended up spending almost five days in Beijing. In some cities, five days might get a bit boring – but not Beijing. There was more to see and do there than you could possibly exhaust in two weeks – let alone a mere five days. Here’s how we spent our time: Seeing Tianamen Square Tianamen Square is apparently the largest open square in the world – almost three time’s bigger than Moscow’s Red Square.  If I had to say something about Tianamen Sqaure, I would agree…it is large. Sadly, it’s not much else. … Read More

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Ordering food when you don’t speak the language


One of the most difficult things I face when arriving in a new country is figuring out what to order at local restaurants. This issue is only compounded when you not only don’t speak a language but you can’t even begin to read the letters.  That has been the case for me in every country we have visited so far on this trip: Russia, Mongolia and China. Most of the time, when I walk into a reasturant the menu looks something like this: Hmmm. You can always try the point at random and hope for the best, but you might … Read More

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Oh China


Found this article in the “International News” section of a publication in China. It’s an article about how fat school children are in American schools. Only at the very bottom of the article do you see the disclaimer that this article was taken from the Onion, a joke newspaper in the the US. Otherwise, its published as if its total fact.

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Money in China


Curious what an average week in China costs me? Here is my day to day price breakdown for the last six days. If you are looking to fund your own affordable vacation, you might want to check out your own low cost holidays discount codes. Friday Sept 28 – Yichang China In the morning we departed our three day Yangtze River Cruise and headed to board a train to Xi’an. Our transfer to the airport was included in the cost of our cruise. (Morning spent on Yangtze River Cruise) Lunch of noodles at street stall – 10 RMB ($1.59) Sprite … Read More

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Rushing through Huang Shan


Huang Shan Mountain has got to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Green valleys below huge rocky peaks shrouded in misty fog. It was honestly breathtaking. Sadly, we didn’t really get to enjoy it as we had set ourselves out to explore it at a death march pace thanks to a hurried schedule and some very bad information from our hostel. We arrived off the bus from Shanghai at 3 pm and had a flight schedule at 4 pm the next day. We were immediately confronted with several pieces of bad news: The bus had arrived … Read More

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Changing things up in China


  When we applied for our China Visa, we could only get one valid for 30 days. That meant we had only a month to see one of the biggest countries in the world. Seriously not enough time. There were so many things we wanted to see and do and it was next to impossible to squeeze it all in – especially considering we wanted to spend a week in Tibet. That meant we had less than three weeks to see the rest of the country. Our orginal plan was to start in Beijing for four days. Then we would … Read More

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A Shanghai Dentist Office


Question: You find out your back alley dentist is running a side business out of the back of their clinic. What is the worst possible business for it to be? I think I found the Answer in Shanghai. This dentist, who we found in an alley in Shanghai, was running a pretty fully stocked sex shop out of the back of their ‘clinic’ Thoughts?

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