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Train Madness: The Never Ending Voyage to Montreal

DarioSpagnolo (Creative Commons Attribution 1.0)

I have had many unfortunate transportation situations while traveling. But, by far the worst journey ever was my trip to Montreal in the Summer of 2011. Why you ask? What happened? Well, let’s start at the begining. My friend was attending a conference in Montreal and invited me to come stay with her for the weekend. After realizing that flights were almost $700, I decided that it would be a great idea to take the train 14 hours from Washington DC. It seemed really easy – a few hours to NYC and then 11 hours strait to Montreal on a … Read More

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Dining in the Dark

While in Montreal, my friends and I visited the famous O.Noir  restaurant. Although the food is good, the main draw is the atmosphere – or rather the lack there of. Meals are served completely in the dark. No lights, no candles (sorry for the misleading visual), no blinking cell phones. The idea is that since your sense of sight is gone, your other senses will be really focused on the meal. You will supposedly taste your food in a whole new way. We made reservations ahead of time for one of their planned seating times. They usually have two servings … Read More

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