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Selling my stuff – Adventures in Craigslist


It’s here! It’s that time: It’s the final countdown. Just five more days before I depart on my round the world trip! It’s so crazy how this whole time I’ve been planning the trip seemed so far away. Shannon and I would be out to drinks talking about how much shampoo we should bring or how we should get to the airport and feel silly for planning so far in advance. Now, all of the sudden its almost upon us and none of these decisions have been made. Luckily I have made some progress in the past week with my … Read More

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State of the Budget


Hard to believe that in two short weeks Shannon and I will be departing on my RTW trip. To help out the old budget, I’m working up until Friday the 17th which gives me just two short days off before our plane to Moscow on Monday August 20th. Needless to say, its been a stressful last couple of days and it promises to be an action packed two weeks. I’m slowly but surely checking things of my To-Do list: Last Friday I was able to get my pre-trip vaccianations taken care of and I was able to spent the weekend … Read More

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Reaching my RTW savings goal


Yesterday, I discussed my RTW budget and how I had tracked my savings over the course of the past 8 months. Whenever I tell people about my trip, they always ask how much money I am budgeting and then respond with something along the lines of: “Wow, did your parents give you money?” “You must have been saving forever!” “Are you a drug dealer?” Well, no. My parents didn’t foot my RTW bill, I’m not a drug dealer and I haven’t been saving for this trip forever. However,  I have been working hard to save every possible penny since I … Read More

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My RTW Budget


A few days ago, I shared with you my itinerary for our upcoming round the world trip. To summarize: it involves long train rides and intense treks through multiple countries over several months. As you may have guessed, a trip of this size isn’t free… and it isn’t cheap. Luckily we do have a few things going for us: For the most part, we are traveling through Asia which is relatively cheap We are traveling as a pair (sometimes more) so we can share on accommodations, food, etc. We are planning on budget travel – hostels, overnight trains, street food. … Read More

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