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Camp Treachery


In late January, after five months of backpacking through Asia, I had finally returned to Western civilization: Australia. The land down under. Things were good. Modern. Comfortable. I was constantly amazed by the little conveniences of life that I had forgotten about -In my ardor, I even wrote a rather awkward manifesto about my love of toilet paper. I assumed the adventures were over. Enter Camp Treachery. I really only went to Australia on a long layover between Indonesia and New Zealand. I was there for four days with two main objectives: to visit Herb, a friend of mine from … Read More

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What if? Going to a Land Down Under

australian-outback-volunteer-vacation anniemullinsuk Creative Commons

Before anyone gets all excited – No, I am not going to Australia. However, one of my maybe not entirely healthy hobbies is planning out imaginary trips that I hope to take someday. I’m hoping to do a series of What If?  posts that will help me focus on new locations I haven’t been to and also help me learn about places I didn’t even know I wanted to go to. Think of it like those “mood boards” they have over on home improvement blogs. Anyway, in that spirit, and because two of my good friends are going to Australia next month and I … Read More

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