Australia has Toilet Paper!

I arrived a few days ago in Sydney after an overnight flight from Bali. A good friend of mine from college lives in the city so I am currently in his very nice apartment drinking white wine that I bought at   a large (and expensive) grocery store across the street. I was even carded! Rules! Civilization! This could be America. Sydney has everything you expect in a large Western city – public transportation, abundant air conditioning, pedestrian walkways, hug stores selling everything you could every need. Its my first time out of Asia in months and despite being thousands … Read More

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Miracle at Kelimutu Craters


We didn’t have great luck with the weather in Indonesia. We went during the rainy season and soon realized this meant that each day would involve at least some (and many times LOTS) of rain. Not matter, on Bali there was plenty of time to lay in the beach while it was sunny and plenty to explore during the rainy weather. However, by the time we flew to Flores (a neighboring island in Indonesia) we were ready for some sun. We had planned two very weather dependant activities – the first was a trip to the famous Kelimutu Craters and … Read More

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I’m an idiot


If you follow this blog, you know that throughout this trip I’ve encountered several small, but bizarre injuries in my travels. First was my broken toe in Nepal, followed by my perforated eardrum on the way home from Everest Base Camp. Although both of these injuries were avoidable (wear better shoes while hiking and don’t try and pop your ears on the plane), neither of them can stack up to my recent malady’s stupidity. Not a week after I posted an article bemoaning the dumb choices traveller’s make, I did the most idiotic thing I’ve done on my trip so … Read More

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The “Best” Tour Ever


For some reason, despite the fact that not a single tour we’ve done on this trip has gone well, I’ve yet to learn my lesson. You would think after the disaster that was our Great Wall Adventure we would have written off tours forever. In fact, we have signed up for several other one – three day tours without much more success. Our tiger leaping gorge tour was only marginally better and even a boat ride of Inle Lake in Myanmar that we arranged resulted in a visit to at least 5 “crafts dealers.” These tours got so predictably bad that … Read More

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The Lost Dutchman

Marten, Shannon and I at Everest

On Christmas Eve, Shannon and I somehow lost our travel companion, Marten. You may remember Marten from when we spent 11 days trekking to Everest Base Camp. Well, after exploring India, Shannon and I met up with Marten in Indonesia and planned to spend two weeks exploring Java and celebrating Christmas. Of course, that was until we lost him. (Slight disclaimer: Before I get to far in this story, I want to go ahead and say that Marten ended up being fine. We can all assume that I wouldn’t post a slightly light hearted story on my blog if we … Read More

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The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

In Indonesia, we took ourselves out for a special little Christmas Eve treat – a cup of the world’s most expensive coffee. How expensive you may ask? One cup of this world famous cup of coffee costs a whopping $10. (Haha, although that is ridiculous it’s kind of not that crazy compared to the prices at Starbucks). So what makes this cup of joe so expensive? Well, Kopi Luwak, as the coffee is called is one of the rarest cups of Java in the world due to its very specialized production. You see these coffee beans are special. They have … Read More

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Four Months of Travel


I say this every  month – But Holy Cow, it’s been four months. The trip is already well over halfway done. So what did I do in this fourth month of travel? Shannon and I kicked off the month by flying down to Kerela for our first taste of Southern India. Last month, we mainly explored Northern India so it was a nice change of scenery (and pace) to see the south. Sadly, we didn’t have as much time to explore as we would have liked but we did get to do one major highlight that I had been looking … Read More

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South East Asia – No Parents!

We recently visited a local hot springs here in Indonesia. When we arrived, the sky was overcast and a storm seemed imminent. Concerned about wasting my entrance fee, I asked if the hot springs would close soon – the attendant looked confused and said that it was staying open. We got in, changed and headed to the hot springs. By now it was starting to rain and sky was very dark. We stuck our feet in just as a clap of thunder sounded in the distance. Disappointed, we waited for the inevitable closing…but the guards did nothing. People continued to … Read More

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The Cost of Travel in Myanmar


For the most part on this trip, I haven’t kept careful notes on spending. Of course I track my budget, but I don’t write down every single expense or track how much I spend on a day to day basis. However, I’ve seen travelers who have done this, and it’s really interesting and gives you a great idea of how much you should expect to spend. I have on occasion tracked my spending for small periods of time to give you guys an idea of life here in Asia, and I thought it might be interesting to do the same … Read More

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The worst “day” of travel ever


When you’ve been on the road for over three months, travel days become a fact of life. Trains, buses,  planes, traffic, airports… You get so used to spending hours and hours in transit that suddenly overnight bus rides and all day trains seem totally normal. However, obviously…some days are better than others. So far on this trip, things have gone pretty smoothly. We’ve had long days, but for the most part there have been very few delays or issues (with some notable exceptions). But, just when I was starting to get cocky we had what can only be described as … Read More

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