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Getting my Vietnam Visa

Hello from Vietnam! I know its been a while but I thought I would share a quick update about my most recent trip through Southeast Asia – specifically the visa situation. Of the four countries I am visiting on this trip (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) only Vietnam does not allow Americans to get a Visa on Arrival. Well to be more precise, the three other countries allow you to walk to the border, pay some USD and get a visa – Vietnam is a little more complicated. As an American, you have two options to get a Visa if … Read More

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Australia has Toilet Paper!

I arrived a few days ago in Sydney after an overnight flight from Bali. A good friend of mine from college lives in the city so I am currently in his very nice apartment drinking white wine that I bought at   a large (and expensive) grocery store across the street. I was even carded! Rules! Civilization! This could be America. Sydney has everything you expect in a large Western city – public transportation, abundant air conditioning, pedestrian walkways, hug stores selling everything you could every need. Its my first time out of Asia in months and despite being thousands … Read More

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