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I’m back!*

On a cruise in the Bahamas

*Sort of Hello to all of you out there who might still read this blog – after my extended break from blogging I’m guessing that number has dropped down to almost no one.  So here are my FAQ 1. Are you alive? Yes! Good news. I am in fact alive and well. My toe has mended and my ear drum has healed and with the exception of my new mongoose powers, the bite at the coffee plantation hasn’t had any long lasting impacts. 2. Why don’t you ever update this blog? I had every intention of keeping this blog going … Read More

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Visiting DC’s Newseum


Since DC is a mecca of free and amazing museums, one might ask why you would ever pay for the privilege of entering. I’ve found the answer: The Newseum The Newseum, located within spitting distance of one of the best views of the Capital, is (as you might have guessed) is a museum dedicated to telling the story of the stories. It’s an exhibit of all things media – starting with the newspapers of the revoltuionary war, up through the political ads of the 1900s and on towards the ‘new’ internet media of today. I might be biased (I did … Read More

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A view from the top: Chicago’s Willis Tower

Chicago 023

As you stand in the elevator and quickly ascend to the top of North America’s (and the Western Hemisphere’s) tallest tower, the Willis Tower elevator gives you friendly updates about which world monuments you’ve now passed: “You are now higher than the great pyramids” “You are now above the Washington Monument” One which isn’t mentioned is the Hancock Tower, which the Willis Tower handily surpasses to claim the title as the Tallest of Chicago’s two amazing vistas. (The Hancock, on the other hand, contents itself with the title of “fastest elevator.” hmmm.) But let me back up. I’m sure your asking … Read More

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Chicago’s Hancock Tower during a Thunderstorm

Chicago 107

When I woke up my first morning in Chicago, the sky was black and it was evident that a huge storm was fixin’ to roll in. (Yes, I’m using the word fixin’ now). As I looked up directions from Caroline’s apartment to downtown, Google alerts told me Illinois was under a sever thunderstorm alert. After I got over my initial confusion over why I would care about what was happening in Illinois (oh right, I am IN Illinois..Chicago is part of the Mid West… weird), I started to get excited. I love thunderstorms, especially watching them out the window and as it … Read More

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July 4th in the District

Chicago 528

I spent this Fourth of July at home in Washington, DC. My apartment building roof has a great view of the National Mall where the fireworks take place. Because of the prime real estate we assumed we needed to camp out early to get good seats. This turned out to be totally unnecessary, but at least we got to enjoy the view and baking in the ungodly heat. After five (FIVE) hours of waiting, the crowds arrived and we finally got to check out the fireworks.  

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Chicago Plans


If you follow me on facebook or twitter you know that I am heading to Chicago this weekend.  I’ve been to Chicago a few times before but I am still excited to check out some parts of the city that I haven’t been able to see in the past and to participate in some of the cities more unique activities. So what will I be up to while I’m in the Windy City? First, I’ll be touring some of Chicago’s most famous attractions starting with the Willis Tower Skydeck. Then I’ll be partnering with City Pass Chicago to see some of the other top sites … Read More

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Whale Watching in Iceland

Iceland 315

Before I went to Iceland, I knew that Whale Watching could be very hit or miss. Sometimes groups were treated to views of huge whales jumping from the water, while others had to make due with the odd whale fin or tail poking up from the water. After our disappointing puffin tour the day before, we weren’t feeling great about our chances on the sea and discussed just skipping the whale tour. (The cost had been included in our Iceland Air package so we wouldn’t really be loosing any money). Knowing we would feel guilty if we skipped it, we decided to give … Read More

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Thoughts on Iceland

Iceland 745

Hopefully you have all been reading my very thorough coverage of my Iceland Trip. I’ve shared my experience with dog sledding, glacier hiking, puffin watching, and all the other fun activities Holly and I were able to try during our trip. But, the trip wasn’t just back to back adventure sports. There were hours and hours spent in the car, alone on the road with just a can of Pringles and Adele to keep us company. There were late nights in strangely sunny bars. Then there was that incident with the glory hole. But don’t worry, more on that late. … Read More

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The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Iceland 995

Oh the famous Blue Lagoon, Iceland.  The most famous attraction of the tiny Iceland, it sees more visitors each year than the country’s entire population.  A giant geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon is known for its milky blue water, its steamy atmosphere and alien lava sculpted landscape. I had my reservations about the Blue Lagoon – I worried that like so many of these lauded tourist attractions, the Blue Lagoon would let me down. But – It’s amazing. It seriously lived up to every expectation. The Blue Lagoon is located very near Iceland’s international airport, making it the perfect place … Read More

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My Travel Bucket List


One of the worst tricks of traveling is that the more you see the more you realize how much you haven’t seen.  You start to realize the world is a very VERY big place. As I’ve traveled, talked to others on trips and read travel blogs I’ve began to start my list of dream destinations and journeys. Below you will find the top contenders on my list (in no particular order). Kate, form Adventurous Kate recently wrote a good post about the important of actually accomplishing your bucket list.  1. Trans Siberian Railroad I have no idea why, but this … Read More

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