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Quitting Time (No not the trip!)

I’m still in the process of exploring Russia but I thought I would fill you all in on one important detail that so far I’ve omitted. Yes, I’ve covered my budget, my itinerary, and my packing list. But, I haven’t explained how I’ve managed to get out of showing up for my full time job for the next six months or so. I’ll give you a hint – I didn’t quit. So whats the deal? I’m actually on a leave of absence (or LOA as the cool kids are calling it). What’s a leave of absence? It’s basically just a … Read More

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Adventures at Peterhof


  Just a short boat ride away from St. Petersburg is Peterhof Palace, a creation of Peter the Great. Home to gorgeous gardens and some crazy beautiful fountains. When Shannon and I woke up to a bright sunny morning in St. Petersburg, we knew we had to make the trip. Apparently you can also get to Peterhof via the metro, but the boat is faster and a bit nicer and we opted for that on the sunny day. Much like the rest of Russia, entrance to Peterhof involves multiple tickets. We just bought the entrance ticket and headed into the … Read More

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The ABCs and 123s of Russian Trains


  As you read this, I am traveling halfway across the world on the Trans – Mongolian Railroad. This trip will take us from Moscow, Russia, through Siberia, through Mongolia and finish up in the Beijing China. We have several stops along and way but for the most part it will be lots of nights on the train, no showers, no internet, minimal privacy and hopefully lots of Russian Vodka. Obviously I’ve never ridden the Trans-Mongolian before, so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. However, Shannon and I did get a chance (thanks to some missed flights) to take … Read More

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From Russia With Love – Part I


Shannon has a friend who rode the Trans – Siberian with a friend last year. The two of them went all through Russia on the train and her friend has given us a lot of good tips for our upcoming ride. He has also given us a mission – he wants us to send postcards to his friend from an anonymous Russian admirer. The idea is to make this friend believe (well sort of) that some random Russia girl met and fell in love with him on the train and is now sending him longing post cards from half a … Read More

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Russia – It’s like being illiterate


  My friend Kate warned me time and time again how difficult it would be to get around in Russia since I didn’t know the language. Well. She was correct. Moscow was impossible. I was only there for about 2 hours and it was a hot mess. No one spoke any English and I can’t read any of the signs, tickets, directions, etc. As a guy I met in our hostel so accurately put it – It’s like being illiterate. As I mentioned in my last post, a slight disaster upon arrival meant that we spent our first night in … Read More

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You would think we’ve never done this before


Our first day in Russia was a true disaster. It started off well enough. Our flights left DC okay and our connection in Germany went fine. We arrived at noon in Moscow, picked up our luggage and breezed through customs. We had an onward flight booked to St. Petersburg so we headed to the departure area and looked around for Aeroflot, our airline. After 10 minutes of fruitless searching, we finally asked someone at another airline for help. He then informed me, with a mixture of pity and amusement, that we were at the wrong airport. Did you know Moscow … Read More

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Our Russia Itinerary

If you read this blog, you know by now that I am in Russia! And although I’ve given you an overview of my entire trip itinerary, I haven’t broken down my Russia plans for you yet. So here it is! We are actually flying into Moscow and then immediately flying to St. Petersburg. Obviously, this isn’t ideal and we would have liked to fly strait to St. Petersburg, but since we used miles to purchase our tickets, this was the only option. Our tickets to Moscow were $48 and our onward tickets to St. Petersburg were $110. Once we arrive … Read More

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Packing for my 5 month trip


As you are reading this, Shannon and I are starting the first day of our RTW trip in St. Petersburg. It’s been a crazy couple of days – moving out of our apartment, packing for our trip, finishing our last days of work and saying goodbye to family and friends. If you had asked me a few months ago which of these things would have been the least difficult, I would have hands down said “packing for the trip.” How many trips have I packed for? How many times have a waiting until the midnight hours before, thrown a few … Read More

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Selling my stuff – Adventures in Craigslist


It’s here! It’s that time: It’s the final countdown. Just five more days before I depart on my round the world trip! It’s so crazy how this whole time I’ve been planning the trip seemed so far away. Shannon and I would be out to drinks talking about how much shampoo we should bring or how we should get to the airport and feel silly for planning so far in advance. Now, all of the sudden its almost upon us and none of these decisions have been made. Luckily I have made some progress in the past week with my … Read More

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Tibet or not Tibet…that is the question


If you spent any time taking a gander at my RTW Itinerary, you know that our plan included a one week trip to Tibet after our time in China before we head to Nepal for our hike up to Everest Base Camp. Isn’t there some saying like “want to hear god laugh, tell him your plans?” Tibet was like one long illustrated version of that saying. Except, to make it slightly more relevant it was more like “Want to make the Dalai Lama laugh? Tell him your plans to visit Tibet.” Can I just go ahead and apologize ahead of time … Read More

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