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Chicago’s Hancock Tower during a Thunderstorm

Chicago 107

When I woke up my first morning in Chicago, the sky was black and it was evident that a huge storm was fixin’ to roll in. (Yes, I’m using the word fixin’ now). As I looked up directions from Caroline’s apartment to downtown, Google alerts told me Illinois was under a sever thunderstorm alert. After I got over my initial confusion over why I would care about what was happening in Illinois (oh right, I am IN Illinois..Chicago is part of the Mid West… weird), I started to get excited. I love thunderstorms, especially watching them out the window and as it … Read More

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Review of China Tours


Recently, I was asked to review, a travel agency specializing in tours of China and the surrounding area. The company offers a wider variety of tour options including private and group tours of various lengths and prices. They also offer “extension” tours which can take you to nearby countries after your trip through China. The webs site itself is very easy to use. It’s well laid out, written in clear language and informative. It’s very easy to find the tours that are offered for each category: Private, custom, Join – etc. Each tour has it’s own page with detailed … Read More

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Review of

Home Page is an accommodation booking site that  helps you find and compare cheap hotels and offers discounts of up to 80 percent off. They asked me to take their site on a test drive of their site.  For a long time, I’ve had a number one airfare booking site, but now I think I may have a go to hotel booking site. To be honest, I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but offers a lot of unique features that make it worth checking out for your next trip. Starting off, it operates like many other hotel booking sites but right away … Read More

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The Art of Travel Blogging

Don’t worry… this isn’t some crazy pretentious post about how what I do is an art and there is so much beauty in the world blah blah blah… No, instead this is just blatant marketing for any other travel bloggers who happen to read my site and are looking for some great advice and help on how to get their blog up and going (don’t worry I won’t be the one giving it.) I just joined the “Art of Travel Blogging,” a community that helps bloggers learn all there is to know about creating content, SEO, and setting up wordpress/hosting. … Read More

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