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Hostel Review: Chillax Hostel, Moscow, Russia


During the first week of our trip we spent three days in Moscow.  While in the city, we stayed in the Chillax Hostel which is located near central Moscow. We arrived in the city by train and were able to take the city’s metro and easily locate the hostel. As we walked from the metro station we ran into the owner who offered us a lift to the building.  Even though we arrived (much) earlier than check in time, the staff welcomed us and we were free to hang out, us the kitchen, check our email and relax. They even … Read More

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Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior – St. Petersburg’s Best Hostel


As you know, we had a slightly rocky start to our Russia trip.  We arrived in St. Petersburg tired, dirty and feeling down. We had been traveling for over 40 hours and just wanted to rest. Thankfully, we arrived at probably the best hostel I have ever stayed at- the Soul Kitchen Hostel Jr. It was like walking into a really friendly oasis. The hostel is adorable – its obvious the owners took a lot of care with building and decorating the place. When we got a tour of the hostel, we were told that most of the fixtures are … Read More

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