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Our Great Wall ‘Adventure’


  If you go to China, you go to the Great Wall. Its famous, its epic, its beautiful, you can see it from space (not really), etc. etc. etc. Very few sites in the world rival the great wall – the Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Machu Pichu. I had long been dreaming of my own trip to the great wall and I wanted to make sure that the experience was very special. I dreaded the thought of a crowded bus dropping me off for a few hours at a chaotic section of the wall. When I heard about the Great Wall … Read More

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Hostel Review: Chillax Hostel, Moscow, Russia


During the first week of our trip we spent three days in Moscow.  While in the city, we stayed in the Chillax Hostel which is located near central Moscow. We arrived in the city by train and were able to take the city’s metro and easily locate the hostel. As we walked from the metro station we ran into the owner who offered us a lift to the building.  Even though we arrived (much) earlier than check in time, the staff welcomed us and we were free to hang out, us the kitchen, check our email and relax. They even … Read More

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Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior – St. Petersburg’s Best Hostel


As you know, we had a slightly rocky start to our Russia trip.  We arrived in St. Petersburg tired, dirty and feeling down. We had been traveling for over 40 hours and just wanted to rest. Thankfully, we arrived at probably the best hostel I have ever stayed at- the Soul Kitchen Hostel Jr. It was like walking into a really friendly oasis. The hostel is adorable – its obvious the owners took a lot of care with building and decorating the place. When we got a tour of the hostel, we were told that most of the fixtures are … Read More

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Food Tasting in Chicago

Chicago 362

 Chicago is famous for its food. For many people, a trip to the Windy City wouldn’t be complete without a slice off deep dish pizza or a snack involving a hot dog. With this in mind, I knew that one of my missions of my trip would be to explore the city’s food offerings. Chicago Food Planet offers several daily food tours covering different areas of the city. I had actually done a tour with them years ago, so I took this opportunity to do their Near North Food and Cultural Walking Tour. This tour is designed to help get you away … Read More

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Beer Tasting in Chicago

Chicago 245

Nothing says Chicago like Beer. Actually I made that up, but it certainly helps justify my decision to spend a day of my three day Chicago trip on a pub tour. What also helps justidy that decision is that the Chicago Beer Experience turned out to be an amazing time. You may not realize this, but the US has some wonderful craft beer. The Chicago Beer Experience covers the tasting of both famous Chicago beers as well as highlighting other craft beers from the Mid West. The tour takes visitors through three local pubs and one local beer store to … Read More

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Chicago’s Hancock Tower during a Thunderstorm

Chicago 107

When I woke up my first morning in Chicago, the sky was black and it was evident that a huge storm was fixin’ to roll in. (Yes, I’m using the word fixin’ now). As I looked up directions from Caroline’s apartment to downtown, Google alerts told me Illinois was under a sever thunderstorm alert. After I got over my initial confusion over why I would care about what was happening in Illinois (oh right, I am IN Illinois..Chicago is part of the Mid West… weird), I started to get excited. I love thunderstorms, especially watching them out the window and as it … Read More

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Review: Merrel Moab Mid Waterpoof Women’s (Part 2)

Iceland 223

Before my trip to Iceland, I gave a brief review of my new hiking boots, the Merrel Moab Mid Waterproof, that I had acquired for the trip. I promised to return with more information after I had tried to shoes out in action – and here I am! Boy, did I ever put those shoes through their paces. And luckily, despite my oversight in actually breaking them in, the shoes were perfect. My foot and ankle were totally supported, and even though I was literally on a glacier, they kept my foot warm and dry. The first challenge I put them … Read More

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Puffin Watching with Special Tours

Holly and I with a Puffin

  If you read my blog, you know how excited I was about Puffin Watching. If not, the answer was that I was really REALLY excited. So excited, that I planned my puffin watching expedition with Special Tours for our very first day in Reykjavik. After our airport pickup, and a tour of the nearby area we checked into our hotel and realized we only had about an hour to spare before our puffin boat tour at 2:30. After a quick celebratory beer (we were celebrating our arrival – yes I have low celebration standards), we headed down to the … Read More

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Win a Trip to Iceland with Iceland Unlimited!


  I’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback from all of you about how excited you were to read about my trip to Iceland. Based on your comments, it sounds like may of you are ready to start planning your own trip’s to Iceland! Well, now is your chance to win your very own all expenses paid trip to Iceland through a company I was lucky enough to work with during my trip, Iceland Unlimited. They recently launched a fun new facebook game that allows you to compete as the infamous Icelandic Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull. You get to control Eyjafjallajökull as it erupts and … Read More

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Snorkeling in Freezing Cold Silfra

Snorkeling In Silfra in Iceland

  When you think of things to do in Iceland, some of the activities you read about make sense: Glacier Hiking, Snowmobiling, Dog Sledding. Then of course there is the great snorkeling…wait, what? That was pretty much my exact reaction when I heard that Iceland had some of the best snorkeling. I had this image of myself in a bikini paddling around ice and slowly (quickly) turning blue. Of course, it’s nothing like that – in fact, if you’ve ever gone snorkeling before you will find that Iceland snorkeling is a whole new experience. But let’s back up a bit. … Read More

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