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Four Months of Travel


I say this every  month – But Holy Cow, it’s been four months. The trip is already well over halfway done. So what did I do in this fourth month of travel? Shannon and I kicked off the month by flying down to Kerela for our first taste of Southern India. Last month, we mainly explored Northern India so it was a nice change of scenery (and pace) to see the south. Sadly, we didn’t have as much time to explore as we would have liked but we did get to do one major highlight that I had been looking … Read More

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Three Months of Travel


Hard to believe I’ve already been traveling for three months (especially since I just recently managed to get my two months of travel post up!) The third month was all about Everest and India. We spent the first half completing our long awaited Everest Base Camp Trek. It took us twelve long days but we finally made it to the top. It was without a doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I will always be glad that we added it to our trip Itenerary. After hiking Everest, it was time to say goodbye to Nepal as … Read More

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Two Months of Travel


As of Oct 20, Shannon and I had been traveling for two months. You may remember my summary of my first month of travel, so I wanted to come back and recap our second month backpacking through Asia. We spent most of the month exploring the rest of China. After Tibet closed to foreigners, our China plans changed and we ended up having more time to explore the rest of central and southern China. After exploring Shanghai, we headed off to hike the fabled Huang Shan mountain complete with cloud shrouded peaks and amazing views. Afterwards, we hopped a flight … Read More

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One Month Of Traveling


Exciting News – As of September 20th, I have been traveling for one full month. And what a month its been. Shannon and I flew into Moscow on Aug 21 and took an overnight train to St. Petersburg. After three days, we took another overnight train back to Moscow where we met up with Tejal for three more days of sightseeing. Then, on Aug 27 we started our Trans-Mongolian experience. For the next four nights and five days we traveled through Siberia by train. We stopped in Irkutsk to spend a few days a Lake Baikal before continuing our journey … Read More

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July in Review


Today is the last day of the month which means its time to wrap up July with the normal monthly summary. July was a fairly quite month as I prepared for my upcoming round the world trip, but I did get a chance to visit Rehoboth Beach, Annapolis, MD and Durham, NC - all of which are close enough to DC to be weekend trips. I also got a chance to celebrate July 4th right here in the District. I don’t always share things from these smaller trips on the blog, but you can always “like” my Facebook page to get updates and photos … Read More

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June in Review


I got back from Chicago late Sunday night, so I am still sorting through my pictures. However, I will have many updates form that trip in the next week or two. In the meantime you can see some of my photos and thoughts on my facebook page and by following me on twitter. Right now, it’s time for yet another monthly update! So what did I do this month? At the beginning of the month, I took a trip to Shenandoah National Park to hike Old Rag. Hopefully I’ll get a post about that soon. In mid June I visited my college … Read More

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May in Review


  Don’t worry, I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled Iceland coverage tommorow, but for now it’s time for the monthly blog review! As you know, I spent this month doing more travel than I had done in a while. In Mid-May I headed off to Iceland with my friend Holly. Next I did a weekend trip to Nashville, TN followed by a weekend trip to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Overall a very busy month. I won’t have coverage of all of these trips on the blog, but you can always check out my pictures and status updates on my facebook page. I … Read More

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April in Review

May Flowers

And so another month comes to an end and now its officially May, which is exciting because as you know I will be heading to Iceland in just a few short weeks. I am super excited for all the fun, icy adventures we will be having, and I’ll be back soon to update you with all of that information. But, for now, its time to look back on April and recap what was going on here at L’appel Du Vide. L’appel Du Vide Highlights This month I began a new feature of reviewing travel products and services that might be … Read More

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March in Review

Cherry Blossoms

Happy End of March! This is going up a little late because I didn’t want to interrupt everyone’s favorite, Misadventure Monday! The weather was great in DC this month, we even hit 80 a few days. Also, the nice weather meant the appearance (and sadly rather quick demise) of the Famous Cherry Blossoms. L’appel Du Vide Highlights This month was all about San Francisco as I recounted to highlights of my trip at the end of February. First I covered my visit to the Muir Woods and Sonoma. Next I talked about some fun things to do around town such as … Read More

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February in Review

Flowers at Angkor Wat

Hope everyone had a wonderful and cupid filled February! Even with that extra day it flew by, and here we are, once again at the monthly round up. I realized the (sad) fact that February also marked the first time since September that I’ve left Virginia/DC. That’s four whole long months without any kind of travel! That’s okay – there is a very good reason why I am limiting travel right now…. Travel News This month I announced my trip to San Francisco. I got back last night and I’ll be posting some updates from the trip in the next couple … Read More

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