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Throwing in the towel

Luxor Temple in Luxor, Egypt

  This is a story of how I gave up. This is a story of how I threw in the towel. This is a story of me being a bad budget backpacker. This is the story of how I pointlessly threw away money.   But its not a bad story.  This is not a story of an awful night in Egypt. This is not a story of getting robbed or harassed. This is not a caution story of being safe while traveling.  But it could have been.   This is a very boring story and sometimes that is a good thing. … Read More

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The Writing on the Ceiling

Door in Morocco

  When I was in high school, a common joke was to say to tell an overly trusting someone ”gullible is written on the ceiling.” Usually the person would look up and, as they realized their mistake, everyone would laugh. (Yeah, we really knew how to live) If you fell for this joke once or twice, you became hardened to the cruel ways of high school and made sure your eyes stayed glued to your challenger. Well, eventually, some jokester actually wrote the word gullible on the ceiling of the drama classroom in large black letters. (Like I said, we lived large). The next time … Read More

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Our Dinner Date Disaster in Essaouira

Olives for sale in a market in Essaouira

After a full day in Essaouira, it was time to shower up and head out to meet our dinner date. Where, you might ask did the three of us find a dinner date during our one day in Morocco. Well, it started out well enough: During our day at the Market, we met a Moroccan vendor who was about our age. He was very friendly and invited us to join him for tea in the back of his stall. We had read that this was traditional in Morocco and since we were still visible from the street we figured there was no … Read More

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Misadventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Highland Villages:The Drive from Sarajevo to Mostar


Before I get into what this post is about, let me set the stage a little for you. Me and my three friends were at the start of a two week trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. We had spent the last two days in Sarajevo and we were planning to rent a car and drive south to Mostar. We weren’t exactly super prepared – we had booked a rental car with a GPS, but we didn’t have any map to speak of and we had only one guide book. (There is actually only one English Guide book to … Read More

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Prague: My Day of No

The Charles Bridge in Prague on a Snowy Day

Charles Bridge in Prague I have been incredibly lucky in my travels – I’ve had amazing experiences and (with a few exceptions) rarely does anything go wrong. I love filling my trips with fun, quirky and interesting activities that allow me squeeze every last drop out of the experience. To make the most of my time I try to plan ahead and research the must dos of each city. My trip to Prague was no exception. My friend and I had planned two very full days to see the city, taste the beer, attend the opera and experience this gem … Read More

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My Encounter with the Israeli Military

Israel and Jordan Border near the Red Sea

Israel/Jordan Border near the Red Sea Traveling overseas is always somewhat of a calculated risk. You are purposely placing yourself outside of your comfort zone (which sometimes is half the fun) and sometimes things go wrong. All the sudden you are faced with a problem that would be manageable at home, but in these new surroundings you know no one, you don’t know the laws, you don’t know the language and you are still recovering from the side effects of whatever the heck you ate from that street vendor who you knew looked sketchy but you threw caution to the … Read More

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Starship Troopers and Snake Oil Salesmen

I mentioned earlier that our number one mode of transportation on our Peru trip was bus but this seems like a good time to elaborate on our strategy before I get into the most harrowing bus adventure of my life. We had originally bought round trip plane tickets from Lima to Cusco in back, with the intention of splitting our time between the two cities. However, after realizing there wasn’t much to do in Lima, and reading about how cool the rest of southern Peru was, we decided to forfeit half of the round trip ticket and instead take buses … Read More

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Overnight to Puno

The trip to Puno was our first experience on the infamous Night Buses. Because the bus was overnight, we sprung for one of the nicer, more expensive companies. The bust left from a centeral bus station and we were able to get three seats near each other.  As I mentioned, we were told not to put anything under the bus because it was common for things to get stolen. We all had around the neck, under the shirt puches where we stored our passports and money. Since we had brought sleeping bags specifcally to stay warm on the bus, I … Read More

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Gone (or attempting to be gone) to Ghana

Destination: Accra, GhanaWhen: March 2009 In 2009, I got to go to Ghana for work. At this point I decided that I was an official baller. Delta, as always was ready to crush my spirit. This is the story. The original plan was to fly from Dulles to Ghana through Amsterdam. I had an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam so I was even plan to leave the airport for a quick canal tour. ProTip: Don’t ever make plans that rely on the punctuality of Delta. So I arrive at the airport, check my bag, get my tickets and head to … Read More

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