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Camp Treachery


In late January, after five months of backpacking through Asia, I had finally returned to Western civilization: Australia. The land down under. Things were good. Modern. Comfortable. I was constantly amazed by the little conveniences of life that I had forgotten about -In my ardor, I even wrote a rather awkward manifesto about my love of toilet paper. I assumed the adventures were over. Enter Camp Treachery. I really only went to Australia on a long layover between Indonesia and New Zealand. I was there for four days with two main objectives: to visit Herb, a friend of mine from … Read More

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I’m an idiot


If you follow this blog, you know that throughout this trip I’ve encountered several small, but bizarre injuries in my travels. First was my broken toe in Nepal, followed by my perforated eardrum on the way home from Everest Base Camp. Although both of these injuries were avoidable (wear better shoes while hiking and don’t try and pop your ears on the plane), neither of them can stack up to my recent malady’s stupidity. Not a week after I posted an article bemoaning the dumb choices traveller’s make, I did the most idiotic thing I’ve done on my trip so … Read More

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Gers Gone Wild – How I Ended Up Pantless in Mongolia


After our second portion of the Trans-Mongolian, we stopped in Mongolia for 9 days. We planned to spend some time exploring the capital city, but we really wanted a chance to head to the countryside to spend time with the nomadic people and experience staying in a typical mongolian house- known as a “ger” We signed up for a program that would give us six days in Western Mongolia – staying as guests with different Mongolian families each night. During the day we would commute the 15-20 km between families either by horse or ox cart. However, after our first … Read More

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Ridiculous Things I wore in Iceland

Iceland 1289

All of Iceland was pretty much not a good look for me. For such a short trip, I found myself wearing a large number of ridiculous things. Even more strange was the fact that I let Holly photograph me wearing each of these outfits. (Let/Posed and begged her to snap a photo…whats the difference?) Against my better judgement, I thought I would share some of my favorites (I use that term very loosely). Warning, this post is borderline narcasstic. It started out pretty tame with a few viking dress up sessions. I think we can all agree that that helmet was … Read More

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Adventures in Flight

San Francisco 2012 003

We all know that flying is a necessary evil. Pretty much no one enjoys it, but if we want to travel we all have to do it (unless you plan to confine yourself to long boat rides and overland trains). I could probably write a book about bad things that have happened to me at airports, but for the sake of brevity, I’ve gathered up a few of my ‘favorites’ for your reading…enjoyment? Even though we all agree flying isn’t the most fun, its something we must do to see the world. So, since we must fly, hopefully we can … Read More

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Facing my fears in a canyon in Bled


For me, travel has always been a great time to face my fears.  I’d like to pretend that I don’t have many – Planes? A breeze. Spiders? A minor nuisance. Giant Dogs? Super Cute. But the truth is that as I’ve traveled, I’ve become more and more aware of just how many things totally terrify the pants off of me. Let me count the ways in which I’ve discovered latent fears while traveling: Walking through the City of David in Israel reminded me that I am totally claustrophobic. If you’re not familiar with the City of David, it’s a small, dark, water filled tunnel … Read More

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Train Madness: The Never Ending Voyage to Montreal

DarioSpagnolo (Creative Commons Attribution 1.0)

I have had many unfortunate transportation situations while traveling. But, by far the worst journey ever was my trip to Montreal in the Summer of 2011. Why you ask? What happened? Well, let’s start at the begining. My friend was attending a conference in Montreal and invited me to come stay with her for the weekend. After realizing that flights were almost $700, I decided that it would be a great idea to take the train 14 hours from Washington DC. It seemed really easy – a few hours to NYC and then 11 hours strait to Montreal on a … Read More

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Leaving my Lunch in San Francisco

Perfect Insecto Creative Commons

 Through my travels I’ve gone to many places and eaten many things. Street food in Cambodia. Questionable chicken in the Dominican Republic. Pickles from the market in Israel. I’ve taken risks. Brushed my teeth with tap water in Ghana. Accepted Tea out of dirty dirty glasses in Morocco. I’ve felt lucky. Gotten a little cocky even. I’ve watched as greater men and woman before me bowed down and surrendered to the porcelain throne. I began to believe I possessed an iron stomach. As it turns out, I was quite wrong. As it turns out, innocuous, sunny, mild San Francisco would be my … Read More

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Guest Blogger: Caroline’s Rocky Boat Ride Through Venice

Boats in Venice

This is guest post by Caroline Quinn Pratt based on her experience visiting Venice while studying abroad in London. If you would like to submit a guest post to please contact me. It started on the island of Murano. My flatmate Kimberly and I had spent a lovely morning touring the glass bead-making shops on the island and we were now headed back to the docks to go back to the main part of Venice. Venice is famous for its glass industry but the operations themselves were moved to the island of Murano in the 13th century to prevent a … Read More

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Ruining my Hair on a Rainy Afternoon

The Psar Themi Market in Phnom Penh

In Cambodia, in June, it rains almost everyday. In Phnom Penh, like clockwork, each afternoon the clouds would gather and the sky would darken. Then the heavens would open up and it would pour. As my dad would say it was “Taint a day fit for man nor beast.”   Once I realized this was going to be a daily pattern, I stopped letting the rain keep me inside. Instead I just ignored it. I took tuk tuks in the rain, I visited the sights in the rain, I walked around in the rain. It actually wasn’t that bad – … Read More

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