Most Exciting Expeditions for Wildlife

Have you ever dreamed of having a truly spectacular adventure to see the most breathtaking scenery somewhere in the most remote places on our Planet? Most likely, you have, but what about
travelling to Antarctica, Arctic, or North Pole? Do you think it’s impossible? Hasten to assure you
that it’s not! Once you decide to make this trip of a lifetime, you find out that there is a plenty of
safe and comfortable opportunities for that! What’s more, according to Poseidon Expeditions,
during such adventures, you will see absolutely unique and extremely rare wildlife you won’t find
anywhere else! So let’s check the most exciting expeditions for wildlife!

Spitsbergen: Reign of Polar Bears

That’s probably the classic and most popular Arctic expedition, as Spitsbergen, the largest island in
the Svalbard archipelago, is one of the best travel destinations for viewing polar bears, real “kings
of the Arctic,” in their natural habitat. These powerful wild predators that rule the unforgiving
landscape of the North will leave a strong impression for a lifetime! Besides, while travelling to this
fantastic reign, you may also see whales, arctic foxes, reindeer, and numerous seabirds of different

The Falklands: Country of Moors and Rugged Coastlines

The Falkland or Malvinas Islands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic where the plant life and
wildlife form a kind of a link between Antarctica and Patagonia. More than a million penguins,
including Macaroni, Magellanic, Gentoo, Rockhopper, and King penguins, nest in the Falklands
every summer. Sea Lions, Elephant, and Antarctic fur seals can also be easily seen around the
Islands. Furthermore, the Falklands are famous for the flourishing songbird population that makes
this place perfect for birders and photographers.

Living Museum of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is definitely one of the world’s most iconic wildlife areas. Located at the
confluence of three ocean currents, it is famous for its preserved virgin nature and unique animal
life. Thus, this is the only place to find the giant Galapagos tortoise in its natural habitat and the
endangered blue-footed booby, not to mention several unique species of Galapagos land iguana and
the Galapagos sea lion as well. What’s more, from the Galapagos Islands, you can head to the
Antarctic Peninsula to catch spectacular sight of a wandering albatross, a feathered giant that has
the longest wingspan of any bird – up to 12 feet.

South Georgia: Must-See Destination within Antarctica

This sub-Antarctic region with its long and interesting history is also known as the Galapagos of the
Poles. The name speaks for itself! South Georgia is a home to King penguins with their orange-
yellow crowns; around half the world’s population of Macaroni, Chinstrap, and Gentoo penguins;
Leopard, Elephant, Weddell, and Antarctic fur seals returning from the sea for the mating season;
several whale species; and lots of Antarctic seabirds, including the giant petrel, sheathbill, South
Georgia pintail, and certainly skua. Moreover, the alpine landscapes are truly fascinating!
So are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Choose the destination and go to expand your

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