Why FlightHub thinks traveling with your girlfriends in your twenties is the best thing you could do

Taking a girls trip with the squad is more than just a fun time away from home with your pals, it’s a time to appreciate your friendship and create strong female bonds that’ll last you a lifetime. FlightHub Review is all for this life experience, but if you’re still not sure here’s a list of reasons why you should consider booking that trip of a lifetime.

You learn about yourself and more about your friends

From the planning stages to the actual trip, there are so many different things going on at once that you’re grateful to have people on your side ready to help sort things out with you. Whether you’re the one taking charge, or if you prefer the sidelines, each person has particular skills and experiences that end up making this trip the most memorable one.

Learning about yourself while on your travels is expected according to FlightHub, but what you learn about others is equally as important. Seeing everyone’s habits, oddities or even the goofy pajamas are what makes these memories meaningful and go towards fostering meaningful female friendships and bonds.

You learn how to communicate with others, even when you’re upset or you’re in the wrong

Though you’re spending a lot of time with people you love, spending that much time with someone might drive you a little crazy. Dealing with communication issues and hiccups while on your trip forces you to confront one another in a way that is constructive and positive. No one is ever going to be 100% on-board all the time during the trip, meaning that compromises will have to be made. How you deal with these issues is not only a tactful skill set to keep in the future, but also a way to make sure you’re listening to your friends in a way that benefits the both of you. Understanding your own bad tendencies may also be the wakeup call you need to break those unwanted habits, and who better to point them out than the people you love and trust the most.

You create lasting memories

This goes without saying, and is by far FlightHub’s most poignant reason to travel with your girlfriends. Taking the opportunity to spend the time together while you can is a must and will create memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy the time you have together and take as many crazy pictures as you can, or dare one another to do the things you’re most afraid of. The time to take these adventures is now before life and adult responsibilities settle in. There won’t ever be another period in your youth where your days aren’t planned or committed to work. If there was ever a time to yolo, it’s now.

You travel with people you love and feel safe with. They’ll also force you to keep to your budget

Traveling with friends who know you, and you in turn can count on, is incredibly handy when it comes to going abroad. There’s strength in numbers which means that weather you’re trying to make friends at a hostel, or if you want to pair off and explore different things you can! This also means that if ever there was an emergency you’ve got each other’s backs. Also, they’d probably know your medical history or at the very least, know how to call your mom.

Hopefully you’ll never experience a real-life emergency, but one emergency that might happen is one involving your wallet. Travelling with friends makes it easier for you to keep on track and on budget with your spending money while abroad. Not only will you be thinking about what the group can afford (because it would be rude to suggest lavish outings or restaurants when you know others can’t pay it), but it’ll also make you think of creative ways to have fun without spending all your money in one shot!


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