I’m back!*

*Sort of

Hello to all of you out there who might still read this blog – after my extended break from blogging I’m guessing that number has dropped down to almost no one.  So here are my FAQ

1. Are you alive?

Yes! Good news. I am in fact alive and well. My toe has mended and my ear drum has healed and with the exception of my new mongoose powers, the bite at the coffee plantation hasn’t had any long lasting impacts.

2. Why don’t you ever update this blog?

I had every intention of keeping this blog going after my trip… and then I didn’t. Its not that i don’t have anything to write – in face  I still regret how little of my trip I actually wrote about. Its a couple of reasons:

My friends and I at a wedding in Charlottesville, VA

A) I needed a break from thinking about travel. Coming back was hard – I was so happy to be home and see people and earn money and have a nice clean, snore free sleeping area each night – but I was sad too. Sad that my adventure was over. Sad that I amy never travel for an extended period again.  It was hard to be a travel blogger – writing about travel while I was sitting at home watching biggest looser reruns. Hard to log onto twitter or facebook and see so many of my blogger “friends” who were still out there travling.

B) Life got busy. Like..insanely busy. Before my trip – I was all about the trip. Planning it, Saving for it, thinking about it, writing about it ..well you get the picture. This blog was an obvious extension of that. Now I’ve moved onto other things that have nothing to do with travel. I have a very time consuming, but very rewarding job that takes up lots of time, I have family and friends that I’ve been catching up with and…oh yeah.. I opened up a kick-ass amazing wine bar in a parking lot. You know. Just normal stuff.


3. Do you still travel?

Pssh. Do I still travel. Yes!

But, its been different Since coming back from New Zealand (which, omg, I haven’t written a single word about) I have been to the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, NYC, Arizona, San Diego and San Antonio. But almost all of these trips have been for relaxation, weddings, bachlorette parties, and other things that have meant that “travel” has taken a back seat. And that means…not much to write about.

On a cruise in the Bahamas

4. So why are you back?

I’m back, because I have an awesome upcoming adventure. In December, my friend Holly (who you might remember form my Iceland trip!) and I are heading to Haiti for a week to volunteer in a local clinic.

We’ve been fundraising for months now – everything form silent auctions to bar nights to drag shows. We’ll also be bringing lots of supplies down to the clinic in the the form of medical supplies and toys to surprise the kids with for Christmas.

So yeah, I’m back. For now. To chronicle our trip to Haiti and possibly a few other stories from the past year. Looking forward to updating the three of you all on all of my adventures!


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4 Responses to I’m back!*

  1. rob says:


    I knew if I stopped by every once in a while you’d be back. Glad it’s all going well and it sounds exciting. Especially the wine bar. :)

    Have great fun in Haiti, and if you don’t have fun at least do some good!

  2. rob says:

    And now it’s January. What happened in Haiti?

  3. Shalee says:

    Hey Liz!

    I love your blog and I am Shannon’s Aunt. I am so grateful for you posts so I get more than “we went to a lot of places” which is about in-depth that I get from my niece. So when I found out she was away again I was hoping for a mention.

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