Houseboating in Kerela

If you read my blog, you may remember that the first half of our India trip was a little intense. By the time we left Varanasi, I was ready for the easy lifestyle of Thailand. But, before we blew that pop stand forever, there was one last stop we needed to make – Southern India and the Kerela Backwaters.

I had been reading about the planning a houseboat tour of the Kerela Backwaters since I saw a Bourdain special on it a few years ago. It looked amazing and seemed to be a really relaxing way to end our India trip.

For some reason, I had a hard time determining how to go about booking a backwaters tour – like so many other things on this trip we decided to just go to the general area and hope for the best. So we headed to Fort Cochi and as it turns out it was beyond easy to find a place to book a houseboat rental for us. Looking forward to an extended rest we decided to book three nights on our own private house boat – which by the way is a ridiculous thing to be booking as a twenty-something backpacker. But, it was surprisingly affordable. We kept looking at each other and giggling “I can’t believe we just chartered a boat!”

The house boat booking included the crew and all meals plus an air con bedroom and private bathroom. After hunting down some wine and a few bottles of beer (no mean feet in India) we were ready to set sail.

I’ve heard that three nights can be too long on the houseboats – but for us it was perfect. Three long days of reading, drinking wine and admiring life go by on the quiet backwaters.

At night we would dock by the river bank. Twice we walked into a nearby town for foot massages. Other times we just stayed up late chatting and enjoying the luxury of having NOTHING to do. Very often we were visited by some of the local boys who were curious about our arrival.

Here are some pictures of the boat if you are interested:




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2 Responses to Houseboating in Kerela

  1. This sounds utterly heavenly! After the rollercoaster ride that was India, I can’t imagine a better way to end your time there… plus doing stuff is overrated… ;)

  2. budget jan says:

    I haven’t heard a bad thing about house-boating in Kerala. Sounds Perfect. Were the mosquitoes a problem?

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