Living the Good Life in Hersonissos, Crete

Those who have had the good fortune of visiting the beautiful Greek Island of Crete will know of the exact beauty I speak of and recognise that it is this beauty that makes Crete such a fantastic place to visit, no matter what sort of holiday you’re after; Crete is likely to have it all.

Visitors will surely wish to travel to the capital city of Heraklion, an archaic yet wondrous location where the Palace of Knossos is easily the pick of attractions with its Minoan architecture and historical significance. The divine buildings around the capital contribute to the legend of Crete and its habit of exhibiting some of the greatest architecture in Europe. Elsewhere, families may wish to visit Chania, a port town which is included on a long stretch of resorts and emits a very lively atmosphere. In addition to its architectural beauty, there are many restaurants in the vicinity, such as Mpourakis, which specialise exclusively in the local cuisine.

Samaria National Park is always worth a visit as well due to its coastal setting, fantastic hiking/walking trails and stunning scenery. The gorge in particular will be sure to please tourists, even if the walk up can be a little strenuous.

Hersonissos is a great place for a beach holiday with its vibrant atmosphere that radiates warmly throughout the resort’s main strip, providing delectable restaurants, refreshing bars, golden beaches and so much more. Others may wish to travel to the charming resort of Chersonissos, otherwise recognised as Hersonissos.

For those seeking a good place to stay, the Romantica Apartments offer luxury, first class services and are perched in a secluded spot, up in the hills, where the scenery is pleasantly dramatic.

The town has everything a potential tourist could ever want from a small Greek holiday destination. For a younger generation, bars and clubs such as New York Club and Amnesia are popular stops for those that wish to dance the night away whilst enjoying a unique culture. Families will find that the long, winding beaches, though full, will offer lovely scenic views of the sea and plenty of restaurants serving a diverse range of food, from the Greek dishes of Moussaka to a traditional Curry House.

Away from the beach lifestyle, visitors can travel to the fun water parks in the area for great prices as well as engaging in a spot of scuba-diving with resorts such as the Laguna Hotel Resort specialising in certain sea activities. For others, the resort offers a selection of sports as well, from Golf to Karting; Hersonissos has it all!

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