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The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

In Indonesia, we took ourselves out for a special little Christmas Eve treat – a cup of the world’s most expensive coffee. How expensive you may ask? One cup of this world famous cup of coffee costs a whopping $10. (Haha, although that is ridiculous it’s kind of not that crazy compared to the prices at Starbucks). So what makes this cup of joe so expensive? Well, Kopi Luwak, as the coffee is called is one of the rarest cups of Java in the world due to its very specialized production. You see these coffee beans are special. They have … Read More

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Four Months of Travel


I say this every  month – But Holy Cow, it’s been four months. The trip is already well over halfway done. So what did I do in this fourth month of travel? Shannon and I kicked off the month by flying down to Kerela for our first taste of Southern India. Last month, we mainly explored Northern India so it was a nice change of scenery (and pace) to see the south. Sadly, we didn’t have as much time to explore as we would have liked but we did get to do one major highlight that I had been looking … Read More

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South East Asia – No Parents!

We recently visited a local hot springs here in Indonesia. When we arrived, the sky was overcast and a storm seemed imminent. Concerned about wasting my entrance fee, I asked if the hot springs would close soon – the attendant looked confused and said that it was staying open. We got in, changed and headed to the hot springs. By now it was starting to rain and sky was very dark. We stuck our feet in just as a clap of thunder sounded in the distance. Disappointed, we waited for the inevitable closing…but the guards did nothing. People continued to … Read More

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The Cost of Travel in Myanmar


For the most part on this trip, I haven’t kept careful notes on spending. Of course I track my budget, but I don’t write down every single expense or track how much I spend on a day to day basis. However, I’ve seen travelers who have done this, and it’s really interesting and gives you a great idea of how much you should expect to spend. I have on occasion tracked my spending for small periods of time to give you guys an idea of life here in Asia, and I thought it might be interesting to do the same … Read More

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The worst “day” of travel ever


When you’ve been on the road for over three months, travel days become a fact of life. Trains, buses,  planes, traffic, airports… You get so used to spending hours and hours in transit that suddenly overnight bus rides and all day trains seem totally normal. However, obviously…some days are better than others. So far on this trip, things have gone pretty smoothly. We’ve had long days, but for the most part there have been very few delays or issues (with some notable exceptions). But, just when I was starting to get cocky we had what can only be described as … Read More

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This. Is. India.


India. You arrive in India mid day. The airport is surprisingly nicer than you expected..especially compared to Katmandu. The bathrooms even have toilet paper! You think, “Okay, maybe this won’t be so bad. Maybe it’s not like everyone described. After all, I’ve been traveling a while…maybe I can handle it.” And for a while, you can. It’s fine. Sure, India is crowded. It’s humid. It’s dirty. In short, it’s a literal hot mess of a country. But, more than that, it’s also wonderful. It’s bright, its happening, it’s colorful. You feel something there that you haven’t felt for a long … Read More

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Diwali in Delhi

When Shannon and I realized that our trip to India coincided with the Indian celebration of Diwali, we were thrilled. Diwali is the festival of lights – it sounded beautiful. We imagined hundreds of tiny twinkling lights, beautiful candles adorning historic monuments…. We were … wrong. We planned our trip so we would be in Delhi during the celebration. We arrived in the mid afternoon from Rishikesh and after checking in to our hotel, headed out for dinner. We arrived before nightfall and our window was far from the window. We were disappointed to miss the start of festivities but … Read More

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Everest Base Camp: What goes up….


I’m sure, after seven or eight posts you are tired of reading about my Everest Base Camp Trek. So, if you are tired of reading about it, you can imagine how tired I was of doing the trek. However, you can skip this post if you want – after reaching Everest Base Camp, I still had four more days of trekking BACK to Lukla that I couldn’t possible skip. As you can imagine, after the thrill of reaching Everest Base Camp, everything else was a bit anticlimactic. There was the option the next morning of hiking to a nearby look … Read More

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Under Pressure


As we boarded the plan from Lukla back to Katmandu, we all felt happy with the high of having made it to Everest Base Camp. I was still nervous about the short flight in the tiny, unpressurized plane but I figured that odds were with us and we already had to worst behind us. As we boarded the plane we talked excitedly about our plans for arriving in Katmandu. Hot showers, good food, and a day of relaxing. We couldn’t have been more excited. The plane took off and we cruised up to the now familiar view of the Himalayan … Read More

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Preparing for Myanmar

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 2.16.51 AM

Planning our trip to Myanmar turned out to be a lot more effort than the other segments of our trip. First, we had to go through the various hoops to get a Visa while staying in Bangkok. But, as it turned out that was just the first of many steps that would need to be taken before our trip – as it turns out, Myanmar is not just a ‘show up and go’ type of destination. First up: Flights In order to apply for a same day visa (which we initially thought we would need), we needed to have our … Read More

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