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Everest Base Camp Trek -Day 1: The Journey of 1000 miles….


This is day 1 of my Everest Base Camp Trek. For the complete series – click here. I woke up this morning with a lot of trepidation. Today, we would climb Everest. It sounded crazy even in my head. What was I doing? I’m really in horrible shape – I have no business doing any kind of multiple day, high alittude trek. I really have no business doing anything that can be classified as a trek. I was way over my head. In many ways, the feeling right before the trek began was way worse than the trek itself. It … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Trek -Preparation


We’ve been planning to Everest Base Camp trek since before we left the states. I knew it would be challenging but I also hopped it would be one of the highlights of our five month trip. Gear Unfortunately, we knew that there was no way we would be able to carry the required clothing and other necessities for the first two months of our trip – we had no choice but to hope that we could by it all in Katmandu. We had heard that the Thamal area of the city was packed with outdoor equipment shops – and were … Read More

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How I Broke My Toe


A couple of weeks ago, I announced all of my exciting Nepal Plans: Exploring the national park, seeing the fabled lake in Pokhara, and hiking to Everest Base Camp. I had finally psyched myself up for what would most likely be the most exhausting and exhilarating three weeks of my life. I was ready for anything. Then, four days before we were set to head to higher altitudes, I managed to break the big toe on my left foot. How? Let’s play a quick game. How do you think I broke it? A. Bathing this Elephant B. Paragliding Over Annapurna … Read More

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