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The Story of Salim – Part 2


  Our second day with Salim, started off better than the previous night - that is, he was no where to be seen when we woke up at 6am. In the new light of day, things were seeming a little better. We were off to see the Taj Mahal which was but a stones through from our hotel – at least Salim had been honest about that part. Even better, we had a train booked to Varanasi that night so we would be rid of Agra and Salim forever. The Taj was, of course, great. It was foggy, very foggy, but … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Day 7 – Base Camp


This is day 7 of my Everest Base Camp Trek. For the full series click here. From Leboche, the hike to Everest Base Camp would be 5.5 hours with another 2.5 hours after that before we reached our overnight. It would be our longest day of hiking so far and we would reach our peak altitude of the trek. It promised to be both an exhausting and exhilarating day. In order to ensure we would reach Base Camp before the weather turned, we left early at around 6 am. We stopped at Gorek Shep at 10:30 to eat an early … Read More

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The Story of Salim


We met Salim at the train station outside in Agra. Our train was several hours late and it was a little past midnight when we finally arrived. We were exhausted and just wanted to get into a taxi and to our hotel as quickly as possible. Salim approached us and we showed him the address of our guesthouse. He charged us 300 rupees, around 6 American dollars – way to much, but w/e we were tired. We loaded into his cab and set off into the night. Two days ago, in Jaipur, we had met a rickshaw driver outside the … Read More

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Thoughts on India


Shannon and I spent almost a full month exploring India. We started in the far North, seeing Rishilkesh, McLeod Gang – home of the Dali Lama and Armristar’s Golden Temple. Next we visited the famous Golden Triangle, and the holy city of Varanasi. Finally we moved south and spent five days seeing Fort Chochi and cruising through the Kerela back waters. We had an amazing time. India is full of so many sights, sounds, colors…its really overwhelming the best way possible. As always, there were a few things that stood about my experience in the country that I thought were … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Trek Day 6 – The Trek Goes On


This is day 6 of my Everest Base Camp Trek. For the full series click here. When we woke up in Dengboche on the morning of Day 6, the thermometer read -5 degrees celsius in our room. The top blankets were covered with a thin layer of frost and the windows had iced over. The water bottle by my bed had frozen over, meaning I would have to forgo brushing my teeth until I could thaw it by the yak dung fire. I had slept in my clothes the night before, so after pulling on my shoes I was ready … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Trek Day 5 – Life on the trail

Frozen windows in the morning

Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 – slowly the days have started to blend together. A continuous cycle of cold nights, bland meals, and endless trekking: by day 5 it seemed like I had been doing it forever. Life on the way to Everest Base Camp had become second nature. The Cold It’s Cold. Really Cold. I mean obviously – it’s Everest. During the day, when the sun is out and you are walking up hill – it’s not so bad. Then comes night time – and it really is that bad. Every part of you is freezing. There is … Read More

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Everest Day 4- The actual hardest day


This is day 4 of my Everest Base Camp Trek – for the complete series click here. After our day of acclimatization in Namche, it was time to hike to the next village of Tengboche (3,867 m).  The previous night had been freezing – for the first time we had to break out the sleeping bags in order to stay warm in bed. But, we felt refreshed after our day of rest and we were confident that the hardest hiking day was behind us. As it turns out – that was not the case. Our guide was always a bit vague … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Day 3 – Eyes on the Prize


This is day 3 of my Everest Base Camp Trek Adventure. For the full series click here. If you plan to hike Everest or any large peak, its important that you take time on your trek to properly acclimatize – get your body used to the higher altitudes. Otherwise you put yourself at risk for altitude sickness, a series ailment which can result in death. Signs of altitude sickness include headaches, dizziness, disorientation and lack of appetite. To stay healthy, its important to not ascend more than 500 meters in one day. It’s also wise to spend at least one … Read More

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Two Months of Travel


As of Oct 20, Shannon and I had been traveling for two months. You may remember my summary of my first month of travel, so I wanted to come back and recap our second month backpacking through Asia. We spent most of the month exploring the rest of China. After Tibet closed to foreigners, our China plans changed and we ended up having more time to explore the rest of central and southern China. After exploring Shanghai, we headed off to hike the fabled Huang Shan mountain complete with cloud shrouded peaks and amazing views. Afterwards, we hopped a flight … Read More

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Everest Base Camp Trek Day 2 – “The Hardest Day”


This is Day 2 of my Everest Base Camp Trek Adventure. For the complete series click here. Our first night on the mountain was cold. The morning air was frigid and I dreaded taking off my sleeping cloths to change into the day’s hiking clothes.  The “hot shower,” which was located in a corrugated metal shed outside, was out of the question as I knew my hair wouldn’t dry for hours in the cold. I decided to make do with face wipes and extra deodorant and hope that the larger town of Namche would have better facilitates. I woke up … Read More

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