Yanghous’s Mud Cave

Yanghshou is full of amazing and famous Karst Landscapes that will literally make you pinch yourself with wonder. Trust me – google it – it’s amazing. That’s not what this post is about, because Yangshou is also home to a super fun and cheesy attraction known as the Mud Cave.

What is the mud cave? I’m glad you asked.

The mud cave is basically what was once a really beautiful, natural cave that has been completely adulterated for the purpose of tourism. I was really outraged about this for about a hot second until I found out that they had installed mud bathing and hot springs inside the cave. Then I was all in. Tickets bought. Really ugly water shoes donned.

Mud Cave here I came.

The tour starts with a rather tedious walk through of the now bizarrely and garishly lit cave. As Cameron pointed out, it looked like a 1980′s cruise ship. The curators have taken immense time studying each cave formation and providing it with a descriptive name like Stone Curtain, Under the Sea, Drunk Pig, Maternal Love, etc.

Maternal Love was named such because the rock formations looked like boobs. I kid you not.

I imagine the job was a bit like two kids lying on the grass watching clouds. “I think I see a bunny” “Nah, thats a drunk pig.” “Touche! Name it!”

Clearly there was some kind of disagreement because one formation was actually called “Horse or Elephant.”

After about an hour of this we were finally led to the mud area which was totally empty except or us. The mud itself is freezing, but of course that didn’t stop us from hopping right in. The mud is also oddly buoyant so you were able to float extremely easily.

There were signs posted warning you not to pee in the mud. Or telling you that you would be fined if you didn’t pee. It was unclear.

After 30 minutes in the mud you were warned that you should leave for your health (??). Next up the hot springs. Thankfully I have this really awesome photo to prove we used them.

Overall, the Yangshou mud cave was a fun and silly way to spend a morning in China. However, I highly doubt its the most authentic thing to do during your trip.

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4 Responses to Yanghous’s Mud Cave

  1. Megan says:

    i think i would have to be drunk to jump in mud like that. hot springs on the other hand…….

  2. Holly says:

    how did the hot springs compare to blue lagoon??

  3. This actually looks like a tone of fun to me…minus the whole being freezing part :)

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