Misadventure Monday: Sam from Nomadic Samuel

This post is part of a L’appel Du Vide feature, Misadventure Mondays. In each segment, I’ll ask one of my favorite travel bloggers to share one of their Travel Misadventures. This Monday, Sam from Nomadic Samuel shares his travel misadventure in Bangkok.
Tell me a little about yourself and your current/ next trip:
I’d love to say I’m currently backpacking indefinitely but that’s still a few months away.  For the time being, I’m in sunny South Korea toiling away as an English teacher in a public school located two hours outside of Seoul.  These days, I’m dreaming of Mango lassis and Thai massages.  I plan to hit the road indefinitely starting in early 2013 with my girlfriend Audrey (better known online as That Backpacker).
[Note from Liz- Audrey was actually my first Misadventure Monday interview - check her misadventure out here.]
Describe your travel style:
I’m definitely a backpacker to the core.  I would rather blow money on a nice local meal than pay extra for accommodation.  I’ve often proclaimed I’m a cheapskate extraordinaire, but the truth is that I do enjoy some creature comforts on the road.  I love adventures and I can’t get enough of backpacking in Asia.

What’s been your best/worst travel misadventure? Tell me about where you were, who you were with, and what happened.
I was by myself.  I almost wish I was with someone at the time.  Do you remember my answer on the previous questions regarding being a self-proclaimed cheapskate extraordinaire?  Well, one fine afternoon in the sweltering heat and humidity of the urban sprawl jungle, also known as Bangkok, I was wandering around a traditional Thai market when I suddenly noticed a trinket that caught my attention.  As I hunkered down to take a closer look, I suddenly felt something fiercely tear.  As I tried to regain my composure and get back up, I realized something terribly wrong occurred.  Not only had a split my pants but they were so badly shredded that I was exposing my undies to all that decided to feast their delicate eyes upon me.  It was bad.  I had no idea where I could get an emergency pair of pants.  Even worse was that I didn’t have enough Thai Baht on me to get a taxi back to my guesthouse.  I had to regroup by busing it back to headquarters.  I can’t another time in my life where I had so many people giggling and pointing at me.

What were the negative or positive outcomes of your misadventure?
The negative aspect was that I was humiliated.  The positive outcome is that I’ll likely never see anybody who witnessed what happened to me that day.  Also, when a pair of pants rip, I tend to throw them away now instead of trying to patch them up for the thirteenth time :P
What did you learn from this misadventure that you can share with other travelers?
Ummm, I wish I had words of wisdom that I could impart upon others regarding this situation, but I really am drawing a blank.  My number one suggestions would be to gently bend down when visiting foreign markets.  More seriously, it’s these kinds of moments, that you’ll find terribly embarrassing at the time, make for great stories later on.  My biggest piece of advice is to arm yourself with a healthy sense of humour.  A lot can be cured on the road with a good hearty laugh.

What’s the one other lesson  you’ve learned on your trip that you wish you had known before you left?
I wish I had realized that travel is not the equivalent of an all you can eat buffet or a kamikaze pilot shot out of a cannon ball.  It took me a while to learn that I didn’t have to see every main attraction a place had to offer and instead could enjoy slowing down and doing things at my own pace.  I often enjoy a back-alley or local market more than I do a ‘must see’ landmark.
Thanks Sam for sharing!  You can follow along with all of Sam’s adventures using his contact information below.
Blog (s):  When I’m not devouring kimchi infused Korean dishes, one can find hen pecking away on Nomadic SamuelSmiling Faces Travel Photos or as the lesser half on Backpacking Travel Blog.
Twitter:  @NomadicSamuel
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5 Responses to Misadventure Monday: Sam from Nomadic Samuel

  1. Ha! This had me laughing out loud at work today. I hadn’t heard this story yet… Aherm, someone’s wardrobe may need to be pre-approved. ;)

  2. prebble says:

    This sounds somewhat familiar :-)

  3. Maria says:

    So glad to read, “I often enjoy a back-alley or local market more than I do a ‘must see’ landmark.” I spent 60% of my time in Barcelona hanging at cafe’s and on my friend’s terrace – it was just beautiful to “BE” there.

  4. That sounds ridiculously too comical. How old and shredded were these shorts? The only time I tore my pants in the back was while skiing for the first time.

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