Update: I’m still alive

Hello from China.

Yes, despite my huge lack of updates, I am still alive.

As it turns out, locating time and reliable internet on this trip has been more difficult than expected. Internet isn’t so bad – but free time is impossible.

Hopefully I will have a chance to update everyone soon with everything we have been doing. Especially since now that I am in China I don’t have acess to facebook!

After arriving in Lake Baikal we spent a few days hanging out before heading to Mongolian.

Since we arrived in Mongolia, we spent 6 days in the Mongolian countryside living with local famalies and eating lots and lots of dairy products.

After a few days in the Ulan Bator we took the final leg of the Trans- Mongolian to China. Today is our first full day here in Beijing - we will be here for the next 3 days before heading to Xi’an.

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4 Responses to Update: I’m still alive

  1. memographer says:

    Facebook… What’s Facebook?
    Glad to hear you are okay. Can’t wait for your pics with warriors!

  2. Liz! We are alive and experience crappy internet in China too! And we are in Beijing too! When do you head out? We are here for one more day (we leave on the 19th)… would love to meet up if we can!

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      oh no! We just got back from the great wall today so we must have missed you! Where do you head next in China? We are going to Shanghai on the 20th.

  3. Holly says:

    Super glad you’re alive. Was very concerned there for a while. You posted just in time too, I was about to send an international search party I had organized over the weekend…it was very official and professional, don’t worry ;)

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