Five days on the Trans-Mongolian

As I mentioned, as part of our journey through Siberia, we spent five days and four nights on an overnight train. One small compartment, three American girls, one random Russian guy, no showers. Of course we photo documented the experience.

Day 1 – Freshly Showered and happy to be on the train

Day 2- Still excited to be there. Also still changing our clothes.

Day 3 – Hair is up by necessity. Shannon has stopped changing clothing.

Day 4- Hair is REALLY up. Things are getting dicey. At least Shannon changed.

Day 5 – Things are seriously rough. We’ve all stopped changing. I look like I’m recovering from a terminal disease. Shannon’s hair can’t even be let out in daylight. Tejal is going to cut you.

Well there you go. I recommend a lot of wet wipes.

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3 Responses to Five days on the Trans-Mongolian

  1. memographer says:

    a story told in pictures :)

  2. Erik says:

    Hysterical! Great idea :-)

  3. A friend of mine really wants to do the Trans-Mongolian train experience and has suggested that Tony & I go with her… I think I will have to forward this post to her to see if she’s really ready for this kind of experience!

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