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From Russia With Love (Part II)


(Confused about what is going on here? Check out the first part here.) Our good friend Chuck received his second Russia love not from Moscow. As it turns out his Russian Lover is becoming even more enamored. Also its hard to find romantic themed Moscow postcards.

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Our Great Wall ‘Adventure’


  If you go to China, you go to the Great Wall. Its famous, its epic, its beautiful, you can see it from space (not really), etc. etc. etc. Very few sites in the world rival the great wall – the Pyramids, Angkor Wat, Machu Pichu. I had long been dreaming of my own trip to the great wall and I wanted to make sure that the experience was very special. I dreaded the thought of a crowded bus dropping me off for a few hours at a chaotic section of the wall. When I heard about the Great Wall … Read More

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