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Five days on the Trans-Mongolian


As I mentioned, as part of our journey through Siberia, we spent five days and four nights on an overnight train. One small compartment, three American girls, one random Russian guy, no showers. Of course we photo documented the experience. Day 1 – Freshly Showered and happy to be on the train Day 2- Still excited to be there. Also still changing our clothes. Day 3 – Hair is up by necessity. Shannon has stopped changing clothing. Day 4- Hair is REALLY up. Things are getting dicey. At least Shannon changed. Day 5 – Things are seriously rough. We’ve all … Read More

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Hostel Review: Chillax Hostel, Moscow, Russia


During the first week of our trip we spent three days in Moscow.  While in the city, we stayed in the Chillax Hostel which is located near central Moscow. We arrived in the city by train and were able to take the city’s metro and easily locate the hostel. As we walked from the metro station we ran into the owner who offered us a lift to the building.  Even though we arrived (much) earlier than check in time, the staff welcomed us and we were free to hang out, us the kitchen, check our email and relax. They even … Read More

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