State of the Budget

Hard to believe that in two short weeks Shannon and I will be departing on my RTW trip. To help out the old budget, I’m working up until Friday the 17th which gives me just two short days off before our plane to Moscow on Monday August 20th. Needless to say, its been a stressful last couple of days and it promises to be an action packed two weeks.

I’m slowly but surely checking things of my To-Do list: Last Friday I was able to get my pre-trip vaccianations taken care of and I was able to spent the weekend prepping for my move. In addition to my ever growing to do list there is the always present worry over my budget. In my previous posts I talked about setting the budget and the steps I took to reach my savings goal…but I’m still not there yet.

As of August 1, this is where I was with my savings goals:

That represents a total of $18,203, which means I am still about $2k short of my overall goal of $20k. And, unfortunately it looks like this might be the highest that account ever gets because it’s become time to start the trip spending. Oh man has this hurt.

First we had to buy visas:

  • Russia: $170
  • China: $140
  • Parking at the Chinese Embassy:$5 (laugh now, but that would have bough two meals in South East Asia)

Next Tickets into, out of and around Russia:

  • Flight from DC to Moscow: $42.97 (hellloooooo frequent flyer miles)
  • Flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg: $113.50
  • Train ticket from St. Petersburg to Moscow: $52
  • Trains-Mongolian Tickets from Moscow to Beijing: $785.16

Then there are the miscellaneous insurance and medical costs:

Bringing me to a grand total of $1,741.53 spent on the trip so far.

Since we are now at the point where more money will be leaving my account than coming in, I will begin tracking spending going in the opposite direction. Using the amount from Aug 1 as my baseline, you can see where I stand today. The blue represents money left over from the previous month and the red represents money in for this month (on the off chance I’m able to continue making money during my trip).

As you can see, as of yesterday I have $16,585 in my account and I was able to add in $125. (You might notice a slight difference in the amount I spent and the difference in my account in between Aug 1 and Aug 6 – this has to do with the fact that my trip expenses are obviously intermingled with my real life expenses and were partially paid off using my “regular” money.)

So my total as of today is $16,710. 

So there you have it – stay tuned for more updates on the Budget each month as my trip continues.

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8 Responses to State of the Budget

  1. Steph says:

    18k in less than a year is still pretty incredible! Well done. And yes, the spending is hard but you will enjoy it once you’re on the road.

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      Hey Steph- I read all your posts about saving for your trip and it really helped me focus on saving! I’m glad to be spending a little of it in advance, hopefully it will make traveling less stressful.

  2. Christena Little says:

    I am curious why you chose to buy some things ahead of time like your train ticket from St. Petersburg to Moscow, although for now it looks like you got a good deal. Very impressive savings, thanks for sharing.

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      Ahh – Good question. I guess I could have explained that more. We are actually flying into Moscow but heading immediately to St. P. The flights to St. P were a lot more expensive so this will save us money but meant we had to immediately get transport. Then 3 days later we have to head back to Moscow to catch our Trans Siberian Trains. Since its such a tight deadline we wanted to get it all finalized before we left.

  3. Ardy says:

    How much of this trip is being funded by Hung Vu?

  4. Vicky says:

    Congrats on saving so much money in so little time! That’s awesome! Quick question regarding travel insurance — which company did you decide to go with?

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      Hey Vicky-

      Thanks so much! I used World Nomads which I had heard several other bloggers recommend. We got their “explorer” option which covers some of the adventure activities we are planning (like high alititude treking, etc). I also have regular health insurance back in the states as well as poperty insurance which is through USAA. I will probably do a post with more details soon.

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