Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior – St. Petersburg’s Best Hostel

As you know, we had a slightly rocky start to our Russia trip.  We arrived in St. Petersburg tired, dirty and feeling down. We had been traveling for over 40 hours and just wanted to rest.

Thankfully, we arrived at probably the best hostel I have ever stayed at- the Soul Kitchen Hostel Jr. It was like walking into a really friendly oasis. The hostel is adorable – its obvious the owners took a lot of care with building and decorating the place. When we got a tour of the hostel, we were told that most of the fixtures are original to the old restored building and many of the items in the hostel were picked out from local flea markets.

The charm is obvious in the main room and the kitchen – both of which are large and sunny with plenty of room for everyone to spread out and relax.

And as cute as this hostel is, the real reason its so wonderful is how convenient and easy they make everything. They really have thought through the needs of travelers and gone out of their way to make sure these needs are met.  There is actually a seperate hang out/ computer room with free computer use and wi-fi.

In addition, the provide free towels, hair dryers, converters, umbrellas and anything else you might need. The bathroom was fully fitted with mirrors, a scale, a makeup counter and plenty of sinks and private bathroom and shower stalls.

But for me, the real highlight was the dorm room. Sometimes, sharing a room can be a real pain. The Soul Kitchen Hostel Jr has done everything possible to mitigate this pain. They have actually installed custom double bunks beds. Each bed has its own curtains, outlets, reading lights and shelves.


At night you can close your curtain, turn on your light, charge your electronics and have some real privacy. Also, the beds are large enough to share if you are looking to cut costs.

If you ever find yourself in Hostel, I recommend you stay with the Soul Kitchen Hostel Jr. It’s like a little home away from home during your travels.

The Soul Kitchen Hostel is located near the Winter palace and within walking distance of the metro and most major sites. They rent out both single rooms and dorm beds.

______________________________________________________________________________________Disclaimer: Shannon and I received a complimentary stay at the Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior in exchange for my review. ALl thoughts and opinions are my own.


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4 Responses to Soul Kitchen Hostel Junior – St. Petersburg’s Best Hostel

  1. That hostel does look amazing! So cozy and comfy! Also, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard for hostels to provide privacy curtains for bunks, yet so few do! And yet it does wonders for those of us staying in dorms! Why don’t more places do this?!?

  2. Mary says:

    My first thought when I saw the top picture was “that bed looks cozy!” Looks like a great hostel!

  3. Sergio says:

    looks like really good place!!

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