Selling my stuff – Adventures in Craigslist

It’s here! It’s that time: It’s the final countdown.

Just five more days before I depart on my round the world trip! It’s so crazy how this whole time I’ve been planning the trip seemed so far away. Shannon and I would be out to drinks talking about how much shampoo we should bring or how we should get to the airport and feel silly for planning so far in advance. Now, all of the sudden its almost upon us and none of these decisions have been made.

Luckily I have made some progress in the past week with my RTW to do list. I finalized the process of getting all my Visa – I just go my last one, India, on Friday. Whew.

But the big news for me right now, is that I’ve finally started selling off my things in an effort to downsize and add a little cash to the Budget. As you might recall, I had had some success selling thing items to family and friends, but I was still nowhere close to making a dent in all my stuff!

Then this weekend, I decided it was time to sit down and start listing things on craigslist. It’s a time consuming process: photographing, measuring and describing everything you own. Luckily I’ve had some sucess.

After this round of selling, I had made $195. It involved a lot of email coordination, and being home to allow people to look at and pick up items – but in the end well worth it.

Here are my lessons learned from selling things online:

Post Early and Post Often

Don’t just post things once and cross your fingers. Everyday you should wake up and post ever single item on your list. Post each item individually and then also create a post labeled something like “Moving Sale” or “Everything Must Go” where you list all your items together. This will attract several different kinds of buyers – those looking for specific items and those just looking around for deals.

Then you should repost everything at night (removing any items that have sold). This will make sure your items remain at the top of the list during different parts of the day when different people might be browsing. Continue to repost twice a day until everything is sold.

Price things to MOVE

You may notice something about my prices above – they are CHEAP. It’s probably less than they are worth (or in some cases maybe not…) but it’s an effective way to sell things quickly. Your super expensive item isn’t going to worth anything if you are stuck with it on the day you are leaving the country. You will just end up leaving it in the donate bin.

I priced everything between 20-30 with a few exceptions and things flew out of my apartment. Sometimes you will get multiple emails about the same item and in those cases you can ask if people are willing to increase their bid to secure the item.

Be a helpful seller

Make it easy for people to want to buy things. Put your items in one room and clean them off and remove anything from shelves, boxes etc. Be available to show the items and help them take them down stairs and load them into their cars. Anything you can do to remove a barrier between them and buying your item can only help.

Next Up

I still have several other things to sell that I am hoping to finish up this week and then taking the rest to goodwill. But for now, I am happy to have added an extra $200 to add the budget. Which reminds me its time for a check in:

Still depleting money as I book more and more things – expenditures this month included finalizing deposits for our Everest Hike and our India Tour with Wandering Earl (more on those later!) However, I am still comfortable with the amount I have for the trip and think it will last me through the planned 6 months.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Definitely need to start putting a bunch of our stuff on Craig’s List!

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