Our Russia Itinerary

If you read this blog, you know by now that I am in Russia! And although I’ve given you an overview of my entire trip itinerary, I haven’t broken down my Russia plans for you yet.

So here it is!

We are actually flying into Moscow and then immediately flying to St. Petersburg. Obviously, this isn’t ideal and we would have liked to fly strait to St. Petersburg, but since we used miles to purchase our tickets, this was the only option.

Our tickets to Moscow were $48 and our onward tickets to St. Petersburg were $110.

Once we arrive in St. Petersburg we will be staying at the Soul Kitchen Jr. Hostel for three nights while we explore the city.

For once, I haven’t planned out a single thing we will be doing. I have no idea what we will see or where we will go – hopefully that will all be part of the adventure. One highlight is that Shannon will be celebrating her birthday the day after we arrive.

Then on the 25th we will take an overnight train to Moscow.

Wait. Nope. Scratch that.

See when I booked our tickets I did something totally stupid. I book our tickets for the 24th thinking that an overnight train on the 24th would arrive on the 25th. Sadly, our train leaves at 12:30 am so the 24th is actually the MORNING of the 24th. Meaning we still arrive at 9:30 am on the 24th. ONE DAY EARLY.


Which means we have one extra night of hostels booked in St. Petersburg and one less night booked in Moscow. Plus we were hoping for one extra day to explore St. Petersburg.

I’ve emailed Real Russia (our train ticket company) to see if we can change our train tickets. Hopefully it will work out, otherwise I will keep you posted on what happens. We may have to suck it up and buy extra tickets or we may have to sacrifice that extra day in St. Petersburg.

Once we do arrive in Moscow, we will be staying at the Chillax Hostel for two nights. We will also be joined by our friend Tejal who will be with us on the trip until Tibet. During our time there, we will also be touring the city with the Moscow Free Tour. Not only will we be taking their free tour, we will also be taking the night time tour.

Finally, on the 27th, we board the Trans-Mongolian and make our way into Siberia. There we will stop at Irkutsk for two days at Lake Baikal. Again, not sure exactly what we will do, but it will hopefully be exciting and I will obviously keep you all posted on our plans as I have them.

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