Misadventure Monday: Dave and Vicky from “A Couple Travelers”

This post is part of a L’appel Du Vide feature, Misadventure Mondays. In each segment, I’ll ask one of my favorite travel bloggers to share one of their Travel Misadventures. This Monday, Dave and Vicky  from “A Couple Travelers” share there story of misadventure. 

Dave and Vicky - ACoupleTravelers
Tell me a little about yourself and your current trip:
We’re Dave and Vicky, two adventure travelers gearing up for a 2 year trip through Asia and Europe. We’ve been dating for about 5 years now (since high school on and off…currently on). We reside in Washington DC where Vicky works as an accountant and I work as a business analyst. In our spare time we plan our trip, which begins September 15th.

Describe your travel style:
We like to hit a lot of places…fast. Our current plan for Europe has us visiting 31 countries in less than a year’s time. I think we’re more likely to add to that list than take away. We don’t like to get up early but we’re willing to go all day and use any mode of transportation at our disposal to see what we want.

Perissa Santorini

What’s been your best/worst travel misadventure? Tell me about where you were, who you were with, and what happened.
One that we had recently from our trip to Greece actually happened on the peaceful island of Santorini. We were staying in Perissa and set off in the evening to grab dinner in the “nearby” area of Vlychada, which was supposed to be a brisk 20 minute walk that ended up taking us through deserted “towns”, stray dogs, and general desolation and uneasiness. We struggled to find our way and didn’t arrive for over an hour.

What were the negative or positive outcomes of your misadventure?

When we finally arrived and sat down to have dinner it was well into the night. We figured we’d get a cab home, only to realize that no cabs really run through that part of the island that late at night. Needless to say, we were a bit worried about trying to replicate that walk home in the dark on our first day on the island. It was then that we experienced what has to be the most hospitable act that has ever occurred to us while traveling – the owner of the restaurant offered to have his nephew drive us home. He took us home in the middle of the night – free of charge.
What did you learn from this misadventure that you can share with other travelers?

We’ve always been big planners. Nothing against spontaneity – I love spontaneity, but planning has always been the cornerstone of what we do. If we hadn’t been offered a ride that night it would have been a very long and uncomfortable walk home. The lesson is pretty straight forward – always know the way home or more broadly always have an exit strategy. We take this as both a personal AND a business lesson.

Adventure awaits us
What’s the one other lesson you’ve learned on your trip that you wish you had known before you left?

Know your travel style and embrace it. For us, because we’re always looking to see it all, a lot of the places we visit we don’t plan on going back for a long time – if ever. That means we need to really make it count. I can’t think of a time in my life when I regretted going to see something so I try to keep this in the back of my mind whenever I feel like staying in bed all day.

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4 Responses to Misadventure Monday: Dave and Vicky from “A Couple Travelers”

  1. Vicky says:

    Thanks for featuring us in your interview series!

  2. memographer says:

    “always know the way home or more broadly always have an exit strategy” – GOLDEN!

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