From Russia With Love – Part I

Shannon has a friend who rode the Trans – Siberian with a friend last year. The two of them went all through Russia on the train and her friend has given us a lot of good tips for our upcoming ride. He has also given us a mission – he wants us to send postcards to his friend from an anonymous Russian admirer.

The idea is to make this friend believe (well sort of) that some random Russia girl met and fell in love with him on the train and is now sending him longing post cards from half a world away. We have the Russian Post Marks to prove it and just enough details (provided by Shannon’s friend) to make it seem somewhat believable.

Our plan is to start out pretty normal and make them more and more crazy in love as the trip goes along. Along,with planning out the wording of the card, we also went out of our way to pick the most “from a far away love” postcard we could find.

Here’s the first shot:

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2 Responses to From Russia With Love – Part I

  1. Alexei says:

    Ha! So was one of the cards you gave me to send, one of these? Haha :)
    Well if yes, they were mailed today.

  2. memographer says:

    That’s funny!! However, to me it doesn’t sound like it’s been written by Russian girl. I wouldn’t believe it :(

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