The Liz Bird World Tour: “Bird Meets World” Official Lineup Annoucement

Yesterday, I announced my plans for the Liz Bird World Tour 2012! AKA the Bird Meets World Tour. I promised that more details would be forthcoming – and here I am to deliver on that promise.

[First things first. I am going to be creating a section on the blog where you can go to check out all the Round the World Planning. You can access it either by click on the "Bird Meets World" Icon on the right hand sidebar or by navigating to it form the top menu.]

Now, onto more exciting things! The Who, What, When and Where of this expedition.


As it turns out, Liz Bird is not the only Headliner on the Liz Bird World Tour. (And I’m officially referring to myself in the third person – wonderful). I’ll be joined on the main stage by none other than my friend, roommate and frequent travel companion Shannon.

Shannon and I - apparently making a birth announcement while hiking

Shannon and I have actually toured together before. In fact, we’ve done three limited engagements in the past: The “2010 Good Religion Tour” through Israel and Jordan, The “Winter 2010 We’ll Make it Snow Tour” of Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague, and of course most recently the 2011 “Party likes its 1990s Yugoslavia” Tour through Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Shannon and I at the western wall

But, you don’t sell out venues with just headliners. So we aren’t touring alone. As it turns out, when you tell people you are heading out to see the world, they think its awesome and they want to come visit. So we will be sporting a rotating series of opening acts starting with our friend, Tejal. Stay tuned for more about my travel companions.


So what is the Liz Bird World Tour 2012? How did it get that awesome name? Well actually it came from my manager at work who posted this on our company networking site:

(I realize that that is almost so redacted to make it not worth including…ahh well) So there you have it- The Liz Bird World Tour was born. However, every world tour needs a catchy 90s nostalgia inspried name. Hence: the Bird Meets World Tour.


As I mentioned before I’ll be leaving on Aug 20th. That’s a little more than a month away! After that, the plan is to travel for the next five months returning at the end of January.


I plan to have a much more detailed post coming soon with a more detailed itinerary. However, for now I will tell you one thing – this isn’t really a ROUND the world tour. In fact the entire trip will occur on one continent. Asia. (At least it’s a big one, huh?)

So…. stay tuned to find out which cities we will be playing on the Liz Bird World Tour!

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11 Responses to The Liz Bird World Tour: “Bird Meets World” Official Lineup Annoucement

  1. Holly says:

    Super jealous! Especially of that birth announcement pic… ;)

  2. OOooo, exciting times! Let me know if you end up swinging through Seoul at some point. ;)

  3. This is so exciting! As you know, Tony and I plan to spend the next 6 months or so in Asia, and it would be awesome if we could meet up at some point! We wouldn’t be an opening act so much as roadies (or groupies!), but every World Tour needs those too, no? I know it’s a big place but hopefully our paths will cross!

    I look forward to hearing more about your prospective plans in future posts!

    • ElizabethJ_Bird says:

      For sure! I’ll have to read up on your plans and see if there is any overlap.

      • We do have a rough itinerary on our site at the moment, but it is currently all up in the air as we think we’re more likely to just make our way to places in a more “spur of the moment” type fashion. Right now I can say we will be in Japan from Aug 9 – Sep 4, and then will be flying Hong Kong. From there, it’s anybody’s guess!

  4. shey says:

    So cool! Excited to follow your and Shannon’s travels through the weirdest parts of our world. ;) Have fun ladies!

  5. memographer says:

    Birth announcement pic is hot! :)

    Enjoy the trip! Look forward to your updates, Ladies!

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