St Petersburg Daytrip: Top 5

St Petersburg is one of the most populous cities in Florida and lies to the west of Tampa. The city reportedly has 360 days of sunshine per year on average and is referred to locally as ‘The Sunshine City’, which makes it quite popular as a retirement city.

The Sunshine City is very popular with both domestic and international tourists, and is perfect for a daytrip, especially if you’re close by in Tampa or a neighbouring city.

Salvador Dali Museum

Showcasing the largest collection of the brilliant surrealist’s artworks outside of Europe, the museum teaches visitors about the man behind the works as well. There are regular docents’ tours that come highly recommended if you’re looking for expertise and insights into his life.

It might be worth calling ahead if you have kids, as there are activities for young children as well, such as a scavenger hunt. The museum is located by the water, and there is a good selection of shops and restaurants outside.

Florida Orange Groves & Winery

A third generation family-owned, tropical fruit winery that has been operating since the early 70s. They produce over 43 tropical fruit wines (all of which are gluten free), including the award winning Key Lime, Hurricane White Sangria, and Mango Momma wines. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and sticking around for the wine tours is a must!

You can visit the winery for both tasting and tours, and will definitely give you the opportunity to buy some very enjoyable ‘souvenirs’ from your Florida holidays. A real taste of Florida!

Sunken Gardens

Showcasing some of the oldest tropical plants in the region, Sunken Gardens is an oasis in the city of St Petersburg. Providing garden tours and horticultural programs, there is plenty to see, including frogs, flamingos and, if you’re really lucky, the talking parrots.

The perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city-life and theme parks!

Great Explorations, The Children’s Museum

A hands-on science museum for kids, the Children’s Museum will keep children under 10 amused for hours! With a small farm, little beach area, vet’s office, touch tunnel, fireman’s area, and plenty of other wonderful attractions for children.

The venue is well-conditioned and is a real treat to visit.

Mahaffey Theater

One of the jewels of St Petersburg, this small, beautiful theater offers comfortable seating with great views of the stage, and serves drinks as well. A really intimate experience, it’s worth seeing what’s on during your visit, and definitely highly-recommended if you appreciate a trip to the theater.

There’s plenty to do, and you may wish to spend more than just a day of your Florida holidays in The Sunshine City. Although, with great deals on villas in Florida to rent, and the likelihood that you’ll want to enjoy your Orlando Holidays as well, you may want to keep it as a perfect daytrip.

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