Misadventure Monday: Michael from “Go, See, Write”

This post is part of a L’appel Du Vide feature, Misadventure Mondays. In each segment, I’ll ask one of my favorite travel bloggers to share one of their Travel Misadventures. This Monday, Michael from Go, See, Write shares his story about a boat ride in Egypt.

Tell me a little about yourself and your current trip?

Well my current trip is just permanent travel. I am writing this from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil where I was recently speaking at a travel blogging conference. I will be back in Europe in a few days for most of the rest of the year to prepare for my new business venture, which is a train race from Lisbon to Saigon in October that anyone can enter. Lots of work to be done, so I might be centered in Europe with good wifi for most of the summer.

Describe your travel style?

Overland. I try to fly as little as possible and enjoy the world from the ground level. I find that is the best way to experience the immensity of the planet and also do a small bit for the environment, as short-haul plane flights are truly horrible environmentally.

What’s been your best/worst travel misadventure? Tell me about where you were, who you were with, and what happened.

I have generally been so lucky in my travels that it is almost unreal. Very little bad has happened to me. Perhaps the closest I got to a bad situation was on the deck of an overnight ferry from Sudan to Egypt. Some of the younger Egyptian guys on board were being quite rude to our female traveling companions, but it didn’t escalate.

What were the negative or positive outcomes of your misadventure?

I generally hate to generalize, but I’ve now been to Egypt enough to say that the men there under the age of 35 years old or so have absolutely no respect for Western women. It is disturbing and disgusting.


What did you learn from this misadventure that you can share with other travelers?

Well, I don’t want to totally trash Egypt, which is a country I actually like a good bit, but Western woman traveling there just need to be ready for some comments and behavior that is way beyond the pale.

What’s the one other lesson  you’ve learned on your trip that you wish you had known before you left? 

I didn’t get into the hostel life until a few months after I left home, but wish I’d done it from the beginning. Not only is a way to save some money, but they are generally great places to meet fellow travelers.

Thanks Michael for sharing!

You can check out more about Michael’s travel adventures at his blog and by following him on twitter or facebook.

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